‘Worst Judgment’ VAR Controversy, PL Panels Criticize

Reporter Park Moon-soo = It is a disgraceful decision.

Arsenal vs. Brentford The controversy surrounding the VAR reading is in full swing.

Here’s the situation. Arsenal drew 1-1 in the home game against Brentford in the ‘2022/23 season Premier League Round 23’ held at ‘Emirates Stadium’ at 0:00 am on the 12th.

In the 21st minute of the second half, Arsenal succeeded in overpowering the team with Trosar’s debut goal, but in the 29th minute of the second half, Tony activated an equalizer. Arsenal, who took the lead with the first goal in a difficult game, pulled the reins of the attack more after conceding an equalizer, but failed to secure 3 points.

The problem was Tony’s equalizer situation. After the VAR review, the referee declared onside. However, Norgar’s location was a problem. During Pinnock’s duel, Norgar was ahead of Arsenal’s final defense. Afterwards, Tony, who received Norgar’s pass, shook Arsenal’s net by finishing with a header shot.

If Arsenal had won, this goal drew Arsenal 1-1 with Brentford. With only one point, not three points, it was inevitable to avoid the pursuit of Manchester City in second place.

After the game, Danny Murphy and Alan Shearer also questioned the VAR decision. According to the ‘Global Edition’ of this media (Gol.com), Murphy raised his voice of criticism, saying, “It was a terrible decision.” Shearer also supported Murphy’s argument, calling it “the worst error”.

In the process, Murphy said, “(There is VAR). It’s surprising that such a judgment is still coming out. Since that scene (the Norgar duel scene) happened last before the goal was scored, the referees should have checked this scene from the beginning.” He threw a bitter sound at the referee’s decision. 카지노

Coach Arteta also expressed regret at the referee’s decision, saying, ‘It was offside’ about the Brentford decision through a post-match press conference.

Coincidentally, on the afternoon of the 12th, a report came out that England’s professional game refereeing body admitted to a mistake about the scene. The match is already over. You can’t take away Brentford’s victory points with this one scene. A rematch is always the fans’ wish.

For Arsenal, the match against Manchester City scheduled for the morning of the 16th has become important. A slip in this game could ruin a year of farming. There is also a theory to cut Man City’s points, but even if it is applied, it is unlikely to lead to disciplinary action right away this season.

We have to wait and see the results of the match against Manchester City, but the result of this match could hinder Arsenal’s race to win. There is also a possibility that an osim will become a snowball competition to win the Premier League.

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