Why do we say ‘circuit’ in tennis?

Circuit is a loan word that means a tour. In English, it is written as ‘Circuit’. The word circuit is also used in sports events such as tennis, golf, cycling, track and field, and automobile racing. In tennis, the circuit has the same meaning as the tour, which refers to a series of professional tournaments that move between cities, but in reality it is considered a lower level of the tour. In international tournaments, it refers to tournaments that are lower than the top level of tour tennis, the men’s ATP tour and the women’s WTA tour. (Refer to this corner #915 ‘Why do we say ‘tour’ in tennis’, ‘Why do we say ‘Tournament’ in tennis’?)

According to the English glossary, the English word ‘Circuit’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Circuitus’, which means to go around. It came to be used in English through the Old French ‘Circuit’ in the 14th century. It is estimated that it was used as a sports term from the 1800s. According to the ‘Paul Dixon Baseball Dictionary’, a baseball terminology dictionary, it was in the 1880s that the word circuit began to be used in American baseball. The National League, the beginning of the major leagues, was called the “senior circuit.” The American League, which was launched 25 years later, was called the ‘junior circuit’ and differentiated it from the National League. Here, circuit has the meaning of ‘league’. (See Episode 152 of this corner, ‘How does the ‘league’ in ‘Major League’ come about?) It is said that the baseball term circuit originally came from a word referring to a theater that regularly tours the area. In American baseball, a circuit is also used to mean a home run. It means going around 4 bases. A ‘circuit slugger’ is a player who hits a lot of home runs. Circuit is also used as an abbreviation for ‘circuit training’, which is training to improve physical strength. 토토사이트

It is estimated that the Korean press has been using the word circuit since the 1960s. The Chosun Ilbo article on December 18, 1964, ‘Starting joint training’ states that the first joint training in preparation for the 5th Asian Games in 1966 started on the 18th at two locations including the Seoul Stadium. do. 213 people in 12 events participate in this training, conducted by affiliated groups for 13 days until the 31st, to create basic physical strength such as 「circuit training」「weight training」「running」with bare hands. The youngest athlete participating in this training is 「Cho Nam-hyo」 (14) in swimming freestyle, and the oldest are Dong-sil Im (Dong-sil Im = 27) in athletics and Jong-dal Kim (Jong-dal Kim = 27) in judo. C. The number of people for each of the 12 events is as follows. ▲ Track and Field = 30 ▲ Volleyball = 30 ▲ Badminton = 15 ▲ Boxing = 20 ▲ Weightlifting = 18 ▲ Table Tennis = 16 ▲ Judo = 12 ▲ Gymnastics = 24 ▲Tennis = 10 ▲Bicycle = 8 ▲Swimming = 10 ▲Field hockey = 20′.

Currently, in tennis, Circuit is used to refer to men’s and women’s competitions held around the world along with ‘Futures’ at a level below regular tour competitions. Depending on the number of wins and prize money in circuit competitions, the qualifications for participation in regular tour competitions are granted. In Korea, numerous men’s and women’s circuit competitions are held all over the country in the junior division.

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