Who is the ‘bear-born’ tiger greeting Park Geon-woo with a ‘military-ready’ folder? [Gwangju scene].

After two consecutive days without a game due to the late summer rainy season, clear skies arrived at Gwangju Kia Champions Field.

바카라사이트The KIA players came out early to prepare for the game and meet the NC players who arrived later.

NC player Na Sung-bum welcomed his younger brother Park Min-woo and encouraged the juniors. Park called up his former teammate Lee Woo-sung and gave him some advice.

Lee Woo-sung also gave Park Gun-woo a folder greeting and treated him firmly.

In the match on the 30th, NC started with Shin Min-hyuk and KIA started with Pannoni the day before, but the match was canceled, so the match between NC’s Pedi and KIA’s Pannoni was held on this day.

The gap between the two teams in the middle of the standings race is small. Fourth-ranked NC is 55-2-49 on a three-game winning streak, while KIA is 52-2-50 on a four-game winning streak after sweeping Hanwha in a series last weekend. The two teams are separated by two games.

Here’s a look at the players of the two teams, who are playing just three days after meeting due to rain. Gwangju=Moon-Young Choi /2023.08.31/

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