Was it high-level psychological warfare? Changwon LG made Kim Seon-hyung nervous even before the game started 

 Seoul SK Kim Seon-hyeong had a nervous expression even before the start of the match. It was because the start time of the game had passed, but the Changwon LG players were receiving operational instructions from coach Cho Sang-hyun. Choi Jun-yong, who was next to him, could not wait any longer and walked towards the Changwon LG bench and shook hands with Coach Dong-woo Kim. The word was a handshake, but in fact, it was an unspoken pressure that Seoul SK players were waiting on the court. 메이저놀이터

After a while, the Changwon LG players entered the court for the game, and Kim Seon-hyung and Choi Jun-yong shook hands with coach Cho Sang-hyun and made a gesture of waiting for a long time. Coach Cho Sang-hyun smiled and accepted the greeting, and the game started.

Was it director Cho Sang-hyun’s advanced psychological warfare? Changwon LG overturned a 17-point gap in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Seoul SK away match held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 1st and won a come-from-behind victory 75-72.

As soon as the game started, Seoul SK pushed Changwon LG until the 2nd quarter with fast-paced basketball led by Kim Seon-hyung. Recently, Kim Seon-hyung played a big role with 47 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists in a match against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, maintaining his best condition. For Changwon LG to win, it was important to tie Kim Seon-hyung’s feet. Perhaps that is why Changwon LG coach Cho Sang-hyeon engaged in a mental battle, making Kim Seon-hyeong nervous even before the start of the game.

Lee Kwan-hee also boldly cut off Kim Seon-hyung’s fast break with a foul, enough to get into foul trouble in the third quarter. Kim Seon-hyung, who received intensive checks, eventually showed several crucial mistakes in the 4th quarter. The layup following the flurry of breakthroughs failed, and the pass stabbed by Warney was lost to Marey every time. In a situation where one mistake was directly linked to defeat, Kim Seon-hyung was shaken and eventually suffered a come-from-behind defeat.

Changwon LG recorded 23 wins and 13 losses, reducing the ride to leader Anyang KGC by 2 games and running alone in 2nd place, while Seoul SK maintained 4th place with 20 wins and 16 losses. Changwon LG, who won the game on this day, which was a watershed in the fight for second place, defended the second place in the Maginot Line, which could go directly to the playoff semifinals.

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