Volkanovski aspiring for featherweight, then lightweight crown: “Don’t underestimate me because I’m small. I played in rugby league!”

“Don’t underestimate me because I’m small. I am a player who played in rugby league.”

UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski (34, Australia) was furious.

UFC 284 will be held on the 12th (Korean time) in Perth, Australia. The main event is Makachev’s first defense match against Alexander Volkanovski (34, Australia), who climbs the cage with enthusiastic support from the Australian people.

Volkanovski will move up a weight class in this fight to challenge for lightweight. A win over Makachev would make Australia the champion of both weight divisions in history.

Makhachev used to tease Volkanovsky (168cm), who is 10cm shorter than himself, by saying that he was ‘small’. However, Volkanovski has had enemies at featherweight as well as at lightweight, welterweight and middleweight.

That’s why the spectrum of his weight class is wide. He also played in Australian rugby league once his stamina improved. He once weighed over 100 kg. Ahead of the match, Volkanovski said, “Don’t look down on me because I’m small. I am a player who played in rugby league.”

In a face-off prior to the match, Volkanovski said, “I am a calculating fighter and have a high fight IQ. I will lift two belts,” he said, clarifying his ambition to win two weight classes.

The following is a Q&A with Volkanovski.

– Confront Makachev.
People believe that if I beat Makachev, I’ll become the greatest fighter in history, but that’s not up to us. If you ask me if I have walked a harder path than other players to reach the top of the P4P rankings, I would say look at my career. However, if you ask me if Makachev is good enough to be ranked 1st or 2nd in P4P, I would say yes. Of course. Makachev definitely thinks he deserves that name. he’s a great fighter Makachev’s career is good, but it’s not enough compared to other players. But technically, he is definitely top-notch.

– Imagine Makachev’s strategy.
Makachev doesn’t take unnecessary risks. He seems to be doing well. We all know what he is good at and what he wants to do. In that respect, Makachev is calculating. Some say Makachev’s bat is undervalued, many say his bat is underrated. But Makachev’s blows were calculated. That’s what Makachev is good at. There is not too much movement. Sometimes it is, though. He fights centered on his back leg, waiting for the right moment to land a takedown. His distance control is not bad. That’s what Makachev is good at. As I said before, it’s calculated.
Maybe. he is calculating Trying to knock me out is taking an unnecessary risk. Makachev is good at not doing that.

– Makachev downplayed Australia’s wrestling skills.
Makachev came to our country and said we don’t have wrestling. I have to show you something in this regard. I’m going to try a double leg takedown right from the start. He is a calculating fighter. He doesn’t take unnecessary risks. When he’s aiming for a KO, he’s taking an unnecessary risk. Makachev wouldn’t do that. 카지노

– Strategy.
I always hit the target. that’s my long term It’s obviously a different opponent than Max Holloway, and the right approach is needed. Don’t get too excited. Because Makachev is ready for a takedown. that’s his forte. He is very patient. Stay on the outskirts and make your opponent pay the price if he makes an excessively loud move. If you make a big move wrong, you can suffer for a long time. But I’m a calculating fighter, and I have a high fighting IQ. You have to find a way. This is not a match where you can just go into the octagon and see what happens. It’s a game where I need to play my game, and I always play my game. Prepare the way you always have to. You’ll see me find a way. Planning to lift two belts at the end of the bout.

– Makachev is the apprentice of former champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.
It’s clear that Khabib and Makhachev had a strong ground game. They have a very good style ground game specific to MMA. Others haven’t been able to attack it or find a way to deal with it. You need to prepare properly for them. It’s hard to just go into the game and think you can do anything like you do in Jiu-Jitsu. They have to change their style and study their ground game in detail. I could be wrong, but other players don’t do enough of it. But we always do. We always create the right game plan, always prepare properly, and prepare for the worst. Whatever situation unfolds, I won’t be shocked, and I won’t be bewildered. I will always fight with a life and death decision. If anyone ever solves the mystery of Makachev, he believes it to be me. I sincerely believe so, and I will show it on Sunday.

– Raise the weight class and compete.
It’s something that happens all the time. It was always like that when I was playing rugby. A lot of people see me lifting weight classes and say I’m crazy. I train with guys who are heavier than me every day in the gym. This is a lightweight fight and I train with welterweight and sometimes with middleweight. Especially when grappling or cage wrestling. Grappling with them all the time. It’s because players of the same size as me have a hard time dealing with me. So I always train with guys who are bigger than me. So I don’t agree with people talking about power and size. I think it’s more important to deal with Makachev’s style than that. You have to watch out for their grappling and other specialties. I’m thinking about that, I’m not worried about Makachev’s power. So far, no one has ever overpowered me. If Makachev thought I was a weak featherweight, he would be shocked.

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