Unexpected 2 holes in a row… ‘Oh my God this happened’

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The top play begins with a story about a golf player who experienced two consecutive rounds with no unexpected results.

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The 16th hole in the second round of the PGA Tour American Express.

Sunghyun Kim’s shot hits the flagpole and falls into a deep bunker. 바카라

Being too precise led to rather bad results.

To make matters worse, the bunker shot could not go over the chin.

The second shot… The third shot also fails to escape.

I barely made it to the green after the fourth try, and eventually holed out with a triple bogey.. I feel really upset.

However, on the 17th hole immediately following, amazing luck followed.

The shot went wide to the left, but the ball hit a rock and bounced off the green.

And even made a 7.2m birdie putt!

This is what it means to go back and forth between hell and heaven.


Next is the Winter Universiade.

Choi Min-jung competes in the women’s 500m short track speed skating final.

As soon as she starts, she takes the lead and crosses the finish line first without missing first place.

It’s a really overwhelming race.

Choi Min-jung, who also won gold in the 1500m yesterday, took her second gold medal in the event.

She was the top play so far.

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