U.S. Handball Representative History Kyopo Player Timmerman Selected by Shinhan Bank “I’m only thinking about two years”

Incheon Shinhan Bank made a shrewd move during the five-minute break after the first round of the ‘2023-2024 WKBL New Player Selection’ at Cheongju Gymnasium on Thursday. They sent Shim Soo-hyun to Busan BNK Thumb and received a second-round pick. With that second-round pick, Shinhan Bank head coach Gunadan Shin called up Korean-American guard Katie Timmerman 메이저놀이터(24-173 cm).

Timmerman had received interest from several teams prior to the draft. She is not very athletic, but her skills are not bad. However, there was one limitation. He has played for the USA Handball National Team. He dreams of playing for the USA Handball team at the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Even if he is selected and plays in the WKBL, he has already made it known that he plans to return to the United States after the 2024-2025 season to pick up a handball ball again. The scenario is that she will return to basketball after the LA Olympics.

Coach Koo said, “Timmerman played college basketball in the United States for five years. I saw his leadership qualities in the video. At the tryout, I was impressed that he didn’t play basketball alone, but tried to integrate and work with players he didn’t know well,” he said. “The first round didn’t go as we expected and we had to change our strategy. We had to pull off a trade that we had jokingly talked about beforehand. That’s how we were able to select Timmerman.” When asked about Timmerman’s history with USA Handball and the prospect of competing in the 2028 Olympics, Koo said, “Honestly, I’m only thinking about the next two years. I heard that Timmerman played about 10 minutes on the USA Handball team. After the 2024-2025 season, the situation is unpredictable, so we’ll see.”

“My mom was born in Seoul, and I’m excited to play and live in her country,” Timmerman said. I’m ready to show everything I have in the upcoming season.”

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