Toronto’s sudden change in attitude shocked everyone… The Durant-Irving trade had a big impact

The Toronto Raptors completely changed their direction. 

The team with the most unexpected move at this trade deadline was the Toronto Raptors. Toronto put all of its key players on the trade market except for Scotty Barnes in this trade market. First of all, it was revealed that Pascal Siakam and OG Anunobi had a lot of dissatisfaction with the team, and since the team’s performance was only in the mid-lower region of the East, it seemed that a major overhaul was needed.

The popularity of Toronto’s players in the trade market was very good. Rather, the story of overestimation came out. There was a team that offered three first-round picks in exchange for Anunobi. This is why it was expected that the news of Toronto’s sale would be heard sooner or later.

However, at 5:00 am (Korean time) on the 10th, as the trade deadline passed, Toronto surprisingly did not trade any players. Rather, he recruited San Antonio’s main center Jacob Puddle. It was their choice that confused many fans as to why they suddenly changed their route.

According to The Athletic, Toronto’s move was heavily influenced by the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving trades. Two of the Eastern Conference’s top players moved to Phoenix and Dallas, respectively, and in the process, the Eastern Conference’s power weakened significantly. Toronto is now able to aim for more than just the playoffs. 슬롯사이트

You can call it the butterfly effect. Two of the Eastern Conference’s top players requested a trade, which forced Toronto to keep its power, and teams that tried to reinforce their power through Anunobi, Siakam, and Van Vleet were put in an embarrassing position.

According to ESPN, the Toronto management realized the value of the existing players through this trade market and decided to retain them all.

Toronto was thus able to maintain its existing power. It is the team with the most rumors ahead of this trade market, but not a single player was leaked. Rather, he succeeded in filling the main center spot. Many fans argued that it was time for a new version, but Toronto executives had a different idea. That’s how the East 10th place team’s challenge to win began.

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