Thorough preparation… SSG, final salary negotiations

The atmosphere is not bad.

Professional baseball SSG entered the final stage of salary negotiations in 2023. A situation where most players took a stamp. Only outfielder Kim Kang-min and pitcher Noh Kyung-eun remained. Both as veterans, they played their part in helping SSG win the 2022 season. Kim Kang-min recorded a batting average of 0.303 (54 hits in 178 at-bats) and 5 home runs in 84 regular season games. He couldn’t play full-time due to an injury, but he played the role of a fixer at a crucial moment. Noh Kyung-eun also went back and forth between the starter and the bullpen, recording an average ERA of 3.05 with 12 wins, 5 losses, 7 holds and 1 save in 41 games.

There is no big difference of opinion. In the first place, the negotiation itself started late, and now both players are spending time with their families. SSG is also a rest period. We will resume official business on the 9th. SSG has its own salary calculation program. Even if not 100%, it is a device made so that the players can understand it to some extent. However, the idea of ​​the winning premium was a little different. Salary negotiations are basically based on regular season performance. You receive a bonus for winning the Korean Series (KS).

This is possible because you prepared in advance. Starting this year, the KBO League will introduce a salary cap system (upper limit on player salary for each team). SSG decided that the minority boasting a high ransom value should not be penalized by the majority who did not. This is also the background in which the salaries of Kim Gwang-hyun, Park Jong-hoon, Moon Seung-won, and Hanyu Island, who previously signed multi-year contracts (including FA), were concentrated in the 2022 season. An SSG official said, “It seems that the simulation has been run hundreds of times. I tried to secure a budget in advance by checking it on a monthly basis,” he explained.

In recent years, SSG (including the previous SK days) has tried to quickly conclude salary negotiations. This year, the trend remains the same토토사이트. An SSG official said, “It is not simply to speed up progress, but to allow the squad to focus on training ahead of the new season.” He said, “From an operational point of view, the club is busier in the off-season. There are many things to be prepared for, and many things to be concerned about. We will do our best to finalize salary negotiations while maintaining a relationship of trust with the players.”

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