There is a chance to reverse the rankings… Professional volleyball, the second half begins

Men’s and women’s professional volleyball will enter the second half of the league from tomorrow (31st).

There is still a chance to overturn the rankings.

A fierce battle for third place is expected in both the men’s and women’s leagues.

This is reporter Jo Han-dae.


In the last 1~4 rounds of professional volleyball, Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Heungkuk Life Insurance played in the second round of the women’s division, and Korean Air’s solo run in the men’s division stood out.

In the second half of the league, both men and women are expected to fight fiercely for the 3rd place shrouded in fog.

Currently, the 3rd place in the women’s division is Korea Expressway Corporation.

However, the difference between KGC Ginseng Corporation and GS Caltex is not large.

The tide of the battle can be turned at any moment, as winning a single match gives you a maximum of three victory points.

<Park Jeong-ah / Korea Expressway Corporation> “The goal is to go to spring volleyball and go up one by one… Ginseng Corporation performed well yesterday (26th), and we will prepare well for the remaining period and win the 6-point game.”

In the men’s division, the difference between Woori Card in 3rd place and OK Financial Group in 4th place is only one point.

At the end of the league, if the difference in points between the 3rd and 4th places is less than three points, a semi-playoff can be held, so you can’t let go of tension. 토토사이트

The competition for the top scorer is particularly fierce in the men’s division.

KEPCO Thais is leading the way, and OK Financial Group’s Leo, who is challenging for the fourth top scorer, is closely following.

It is a possible scenario for Samsung Fire & Marine Ikbairi, which was the first in the foreign draft last year, to reverse.

In the women’s division, Ginseng Corporation Elisabeth is dominating with 689 points, leading more than 70 points in second place.

This is Yonhap News TV Jo Han-dae. ( #Professional

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