The consideration and respect lacking for players who are only born with baseball talent, the reason why Kim Seo-hyun should learn from Moon Dong-ju, her senior by one year.

Hanwha Eagles 19-year-old rookie pitcher Kim Seo-hyeon (19) was very different from ordinary rookies. In October of last year when he was a senior in high school, we met in the press room at the Daejeon Baseball Stadium. He said, “My dream is to become a close pitcher like Koo Dae-sung. I want to wear the uniform number 11 worn by the late Choi Dong-won, but it is already in use, so I don’t know what will happen.” In a later interview, he even revealed specific save goals as a closer. He explained, ‘He talked about 30 saves, but he said it seemed small, so he accidentally made 50 saves.’ It is not common for a rookie draft first-round pick to aspire to be a closer or to mention a specific uniform number.

In a broadcast program that Kim Seo-hyun appeared on after being nominated for Hanwha, he embarrassed the senior by saying that he did not know Choi Jae-hoon (34), the main catcher of the team he was playing for. It could go beyond the happening that made me laugh for a while, but it is very unpleasant from the point of view of the person concerned. He had an attitude that lacked respect for the opponent, which was difficult to wrap up as honesty or ambition.

There are many baseball players who consider his confidence in his ability, his confidence beyond measure, and his ‘wit’ as one of the conditions for success as a professional player. Although it was a short period of time, baseball officials who encountered ‘unique’ rookie Kim Seo-hyun said, “He seems to be good at baseball.” I tried to look at it positively while thinking about the old adage, ‘If people are good, they end up last’. I didn’t know his personality, but I noticed his potential and young spirit. He slightly closed his eyes at the young player’s stroke.

A total of 1165 people participated in the 2023 rookie draft. Seohyun Kim was the first to be called. She was certified top prospect. He drew attention as the best high school baseball player along with Shim Jun-seok (Pittsburgh Pirates) who chose the major league. He thrilled Korean baseball by throwing a fastball that reached 160 km/h.

Did the affectionate attention and achievements made in high school make the young player arrogant? In January, a post posted on personal social media became a problem and is in trouble. It’s a short article that includes vulgar disparagement of coaches and fans. It is overlooked that even if it is a ‘gossip’ under the premise of privacy, it can be known in any way

did. I can only see that the thought was short.

Hanwha, which has been in last place for three consecutive years, is concentrating its efforts on leaping forward again beyond the ‘last place’. He designed the ‘future’ with Kim Seo-hyun, a promising player with all-time potential. Last winter, the coaching staff was reorganized and the atmosphere was renewed. It added stability by recruiting three veterans in their 30s from outside FA (free agents). However, it became like a rookie who had not even made his professional debut and poured cold water on him.

There is no benefit to excessively dragging a young player’s mistakes. It’s not helpful to Kim Seo-hyun, Hanwha, or Korean baseball. You should use it as an opportunity for clear self-reflection.

Manager Carlos Subero and general manager Son Hyuk and other Hanwha club officials positively evaluated Kim Seo-hyun’s spirit and guts. He admired his extraordinary confidence and active personality. 스포츠토토

However, there is a paper difference between confidence and arrogance. It may be difficult to change the innate personality, but it can be controlled through proper control. Great talent should not be buried by unnecessary attitudes.

Seohyun Kim has a good ‘role model’ nearby. Moon Dong-ju (20), one year above him. The two entered the team when they were in the dazzling spotlight as the best rookie pitchers side by side. ‘Weakest’ Hanwha needs to grow into a key player

They are ‘original stones’. Personality is very different. To borrow the expression of coach Subero, Moon Dong-ju is a uniquely calm player. He is steady, humble and calm. He’s always like that on the mound. He is not easily excited or excitable, and is the type to focus on baseball. This is what Seohyun Kim needs.

Natural talent is a blessing, but it does not guarantee success. In the meantime, many promising prospects that were evaluated as the best disappeared without blooming.

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