‘The coach cut the pitcher’s neck…’ Jung Hyun-wook-Moon Yong-ik controversy, actually…

Starting with Kim Tae-hoon, Woo Kyu-min and Lee Seung-hyun, the Samsung Lions’ bullpen collapsed one after another. Although the game was already over 2-8, Moon Yong-ik (28, Samsung), who got on the mound in the top of the 8th inning, blocked one inning without conceding a run.

This next scene was controversial. After the 8th inning of the KIA Tigers match held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 16th, Moon Yong-ik headed to the dugout. His colleagues welcomed him, but Samsung pitching coach Jung Hyeon-wook (45) had a slightly different reaction.

Suddenly, Moon Yong-ik was grabbed by the collar, and this scene was caught on the relay camera as it was. Since then, the baseball community has pointed out one after another about Coach Jung’s behavior.

There were quite a few reactions that said, ‘Isn’t it too much?’, and there were parts that were difficult to understand. This is because, unlike pitchers who were shaken earlier, Moon Yong-ik threw a clean pitch.

During the night, the controversy of the fans did not easily fade, and a scene where Moon Yong-ik did a similar action in the past was even summoned.

However, on the 17th, an official from the Samsung club said, “The two are casual teachers and students,” and said, “As a result of checking the scene yesterday (16th), there was a big misunderstanding.”

My story was like this. Coach Jeong and Moon Yong-ik usually have a coffee bet over the pitching results. When Moon Yong-Ik puts up a good pitch, Coach Jeong buys coffee;먹튀검증

In today’s game, judging was a bit ambiguous. It is true that he pitched 1 scoreless inning, but he gave up a walk to lead batter Lee Woo-sung. A Samsung official explained, “In the process of taking Moon Yong-ik to talk about this, it seems that a somewhat misleading scene was filmed.”

If you look closely at the past cases that have become a hot topic again, you can see that Moon Yong-ik, in front of coach Jung Hyun-wook, is not discouraged and asks questions. Although they are both priests, it is a scene that confirms that the two are very close to each other, more than fans think.

Moon Yong-ik has given up only one run in 6⅔ innings in six games this season. His earned run average (ERA) was 1.35. The batting average is 0.095 and the on-base per inning (WHIP) is also very low at 1.05. What is the reason to criticize a pitcher who throws well? However, it was a somewhat exaggerated action that caused unnecessary misunderstanding.

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