The Angels’ offseason isn’t over yet… “Contact with 5 people including Andrews-Waka”

 Reporter Yoon-Jun Ko = The Los Angeles Angels, who acquired Brandon Drury, Hunter Renfro, Tyler Anderson, Carlos Estevez and Brett Phillips this offseason, are known to be still watching the free agent market.

‘New York Post’ columnist John Heyman said on the 3rd (Korean time), “The Angels didn’t make a lot of signings, but they took a move to complement the team. Although spring training is only a week away, the club is still preparing to open their wallets and has reached out to Elvis Andrews, Michael Waka, Gary Sanchez, Andrew Chaffin and Jack Britton.”

The Angels are currently very interested in the left-handed bullpen. Accordingly, both veteran left-handed pitchers Chaffin and Britton are being contacted. Chaffin posted double-digit holds for the second year in a row and excelled with ERAs of 1.83 and 2.83.

On the other hand, Britain’s appearance is different. He was once the best finisher and setup man, but his ERA increased to 13.50 last year due to frequent injuries and sluggishness from the 2021 season. Therefore, if you recruit him, you should expect a revival.

In addition, Andrews, who has been active as a shortstop for a long time, is also on the Angels’ recruiting list. Currently, the Angels are filling that position with Luis Renhipo and David Fletcher.

If Andrews joins, he’s expected to spend time at second base or corner infield. Anthony Rendon and Jared Walsh are in the corner, but both are injured players, leaving question marks on their fitness. If Andrews joins, he’ll be expected to fill the void at every infield position.

Starting pitcher Waka succeeded in reviving last season by winning 10 wins in 5 years. The Angels are looking for players to replace Shohei Ohtani and Tyler Anderson. There are Patrick Sandoval, Jose Suarez, and Reed Detmers, but it is evaluated that they are somewhat lacking in experience. 토토사이트

Also, at the catcher position, he is keeping an eye on Sanchez. Sanchez was initially evaluated as a catcher with poor defense, but last year showed improvement by taking a plus in most of the defensive indicators. The Angels want to retain their catcher option in addition to Max Stacy and Logan Ohoff.

‘MLB Trade Rumors’ said, “This season will be a very exciting season for the Angels. This is because it is Ohtani’s last year before free agency. Angels fans want Ohtani to stay with the team after the trade deadline. To do that, they need reinforcements, and the Angels need to remain at the top of the leaderboard.”

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