Talent + hard work + competitive spirit + personality, expected slugger, surprised the Japanese baseball world 

 Samsung Lions slugger hopeful Jo Min-seong surprised the Japanese baseball world. 

Cho Min-seong was the only batter in the team to achieve multi-hits (2 hits in 4 at-bats) in an away game against Chunichi Dragons held at Chatan Stadium in Okinawa, Japan on the 12th. 

On this day, Chunichi selected Hiroto Takahashi, the youngest player on the WBC Japan national team, as the starting pitcher. Takahashi took the mound in 19 games last year and recorded 6 wins and 7 losses. His earned run average is 2.47. He struck out 134 in 116⅔ innings. The light speed ball, which can reach up to 160 km, is Takahashi’s main weapon.

Cho Min-seong, who started as first baseman in number 8, took the lead in the 3rd inning, trailing 0-1, and hit Takahashi’s 152 km fast ball and connected it with a right-handed hit. 

Everyone was surprised when Cho Min-seong, who only played in 12 games for the first team, gave a blow to the pitcher of the Japanese national team. Cho Min-seong achieved a multi-hit by adding a heavy hit in the 5th inning. 

Samsung took the opportunity to load the bases with one out in the 7th inning, behind by 3 points. Jo Min-seong at bat. If Cho Min-seong, who was on the rise as the only hitter in the team to complete a multi-hit, would make a hit, Samsung could bring the atmosphere. However, Jo Min-seong withdrew with a strikeout. Jo Min-seong, who entered the dugout, could not hide his resentment. 

Samsung lost to Chunichi 0-7, but Cho Min-sung’s performance was a win amid defeat. 

Cho Min-seong, who met with a reporter after the game, said, “I heard that Takahashi, the youngest pitcher in the WBC Japan national team, would start the mound ahead of the game, but I wasn’t particularly conscious. He was just going to do what he normally does,” he said. 

“The timing was a little late in the recent game, but the timing was late in the first at-bat, but it led to a missed hit. Thanks to that, a good flow continued in the next at-bat,” he added. 

I was not at all intimidated by Takahashi’s light speed ball. He said, “I thought that the speed of the opponent’s starter and the speed of the fastball, and when I went to the plate, I thought that it could not be hit. When he thinks of a breaking ball, he is slow to respond to a fastball, so he prepared for a fastball match.” 

When asked what he felt while dealing with the Japanese club, he said, “I feel a lot. He replied, “The power of the fastball is good, but the bending angle and sophistication of the breaking ball must be acknowledged.” 

Regarding the reason for his deep regret in the 7th inning chance with bases loaded, Jo Min-seong said, “I wanted to solve it as much as I had a chance by directing a regrettable scene at the end of the 6th inning defense. He was very greedy, so he struck out.”  온라인카지노

What is the focus of camp? He said, “I increased the weight of the bat from 870g to 880g before the camp, and when the practice game started, I grabbed the 870g bat again.” ”he explained. 

Regarding the reason for appointing Cho Min-seong as first baseman, manager Park Jin-man said, “It was a choice to make use of his strength (hitting ability).” In response, Jo Min-seong said, “Attack is an attack, but we have to show a sense of stability in defense. He will prepare well so that he can work hard in any position.” 

Cho Min-seong, who was nominated in the 2nd 6th round in the 2022 rookie draft and wore a Samsung uniform, was called the ‘god of hitting’ during Whimoon Middle School. His ability to produce long hits is excellent enough to hit multiple home runs at Mokdong Stadium. After the expanded entry was implemented in September of last year, he stepped on the first team stage and made a strong impression by reporting his first home run against Daegu KIA on September 17th. 

“While living in the dorm, I do personal training every single day except for rest days. He is a player you can’t help but like from a coach’s point of view. As much as he works hard, he is definitely a player with potential to explode”. Last year, coach Mo of the Future Steam said this about Cho Min-seong. 

Jo Min-seong, a promising slugger, has all the strengths to become a good player, such as talent, hard work, fighting spirit, and personality. He is already looking forward to seeing what he will do this season.

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