“Stay with your mental strength”… ‘Depleted physical strength’ Kim Min-sun’s fighting spirit, sweeping victory is good, but

“I ran out of stamina.”

Jegal Seong-ryeol, the head coach of his team, looking at Kim Min-seon (Uijeongbu City Hall), the ‘Emperor of Confidence and Confidence’, said in a voice full of regret, “I have almost no stamina right now. Even if I play with my mental strength, it’s not wrong.”

Outsiders are cheering for the sweep of the women’s 500m gold medal in the speed skating World Cup in a single season, which was not even idealized. But now, her Kim Min-sun is only fighting her own limits.

Kim Min-sun will participate in the 6th Women’s 500m Division A of the 2022/23 International Skating Union (ISU) Speed ​​Skating World Cup held in Mazowiecki, Tomaszow, Poland at 1:40 am on the 18th.

Previously, Kim Min-sun won the first World Cup gold medal in her life in the women’s 500m in the first event of this season held in Stavanger, Norway in November last year, proving her qualifications as a ‘post-idealization’.

At the time, it was considered that Kim Min-sun was rather lucky to win as Erin Jackson (USA), a gold medalist at the Beijing Olympics, had competed in an inline skating event in the summer, as her stamina and skating skills collapsed.

But no. A week later, Kim Min-sun, who won another gold medal in the same event at Thialp, Heerenvein, the Netherlands, also called the ‘Holy Land in the Ice’, climbed to the top of the podium at the 3rd and 4th World Cups held in the highlands of Calgary (Canada) and Salt Lake City (USA), respectively. .

In particular, at the 4th World Cup in Salt Lake City, he set a personal best of 36.97 seconds, considerably approaching Lee Sang-hwa’s world record of 36.36 seconds.

And in her 5th event held at Toma Schup Mazowietsky on the 11th, Kim Min-sun was the only one to run in the 37th, achieving the feat of winning 5 consecutive women’s 500m events.

Kim Min-sun is now the first in Korean speed skating history to win a sweeping championship in one event in a single season. Her 18th is a record she could achieve if she reached the 6th tournament.

Her sweeping victory did not even idealize her, who had won two consecutive gold medals in this event at the Olympics.

Lee Sang-hwa won seven women’s 500m gold medals in the 2013/14 World Cup, her heyday, but did not win all competitions, such as not participating in some competitions for reasons such as rest.

At that time, the women’s 500m was held twice as the first and second races in each World Cup event. Lee Sang-hwa said that she had won gold medals in the 1st and 2nd races of the World Cup 3rd competition, won the 1st race of the 4th competition, and achieved 7 consecutive gold medals, but she did not participate in the 2nd race of the 4th competition.

Kim Min-seon is challenging a record that her senior, whom she considers a role model, could not achieve.

Records and conditions are good. Kim Min-sun has been building her gold medals one after another with the same skating, high or low, without ups and downs throughout this season. It is also fortunate for Kim Min-seon that the stadium of her 6th competition is Toma Schup Mazowietsky, who won the championship a week ago.

The only concern is that Kim Min-sun’s physical strength is severely depleted.

Although he is a skater who has accumulated experience by participating in the Olympics twice, his body is exhausted from an unprecedented forced march this season. 안전놀이터

Kim Min-seon, who ran both the women’s 500m and 1000m in 5 international competitions, including 4 World Cups and the ISU Four Continents Championships for two months from November to December last year, continued to move around the US, Korea and Europe this year, fulfilling her superhuman schedule. there is.

At the Winter World University Games held in Lake Placid, USA, early last month, Kim Min-sun won three gold medals by running in the cold wind in three events, including 500m, 1000m, and mixed relay, in an outdoor rink, which is rare these days. As soon as she returned to Korea, she represented Gyeonggi-do at the Winter Games held in Taereung as a pre-game.

And without a break, I packed my things and headed to Europe, and I played the 5th World Cup a week ago.

Coach Jegal Seong-ryeol said, “I have to compete in the 6th competition, but in a season without an Olympics, the most important event-specific world championships will be held in Heerenveen, Netherlands in the first week of March.” I just want to finish the rest of the tournament well.”

In such a difficult situation, Kim Min-sun goes on the track of the 6th competition to meet the expectations of herself and fans.

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