‘Squad leader’ Heo Hoon who scored 31 points “I played happily thanks to the fans”

Thanks to the fans who came to support us, we always enjoy the game.”

The Sangmu Basketball Team of the Armed Forces Athletic Corps won the 2022-2023 KBL D-League Changwon LG Sakers 96-71 at Icheon LG Champions Park on the 20th.

On this day, Heo Hoon led the team to victory with 31 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, including 4 3-pointers. He showed off his presence by steadily operating the scoring gun regardless of my outskirts.

Heo Hoon thanked the fans, saying, “When I watched the D-League match broadcast before, there didn’t seem to be many fans, but I’m so grateful that they came to support me from afar. Thanks to the fans, I always enjoy the game.”

Heo Hoon also spoke about Song Gyo-chang, who played in the D-League for the first time that day after undergoing finger surgery in September.  스포츠토토

He said, “Because he is a player who knows basketball so much, just playing together gives me a lot of strength and reassurance. It feels different from when I played together in the national team. In the first quarter, (Song) Kyo-chang did so well that the game went well.” praised. 

Heo Hoon is currently the squad leader. When the players on the court scored, they applauded from the bench and acted as mood makers, while arranging their colleagues in front of the battalion commander and vice-captain who came to the stadium to encourage the players, and showed a brave soldier’s image by saluting. 

Heo Hoon said, “I usually shoot a lot, but maybe because the battalion commander came, I broke through more than usual. I tried to make my defense stronger.

In addition, Heo Hoon said, “Maintaining the current skills is the top priority in Sangmu. There are fewer matches than before, so it seems important to do my best in each game. Even after returning to the team, I will show my fans good skills. I want to,” he said, revealing his determination for the rest of his military life.

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