‘Sometimes cute, sometimes brave’ 140cm cutie Im Ra-on’s dream

“I’m smaller than my friends, but I’m trying harder not to fall behind.”

On the 11th and 12th, the Chungju Samsung Thunders (hereinafter referred to as Chungju Samsung), which participated in the 2023 Chungju Mayor Cup National Youth Basketball Tournament in the 4th grade of elementary school held at Chungju Gymnasium and three other places, enjoyed the joy of winning the championship in the home by defeating the championship candidates one after another. .

In this tournament, the field commander of Chungju Samsung was Lim Ra-on (140cm). Even at a glance, Im Ra-on, who was a handful smaller than his peers, but was more courageous on the court than anyone else.

Im Ra-on, who is currently in the 4th grade at Kukwon Elementary School in Chungju, said, “The opponent did well, but our team’s concentration stood out more. He expressed his feelings about winning.

At 140cm, Im Raon has a smaller physique than his peers. However, his accurate field goal and fast speed gave off a greater presence than anyone else on the court. In particular, the way he led his teammates was enough to let us know that he is a player who has the requirements to be a good point guard.

Cho Joon-hee, president of Chungju Samsung, who is instructing Lim Ra-on, said, “He is small in height, but he is serious about basketball. He plays a key role in the defense of the junior national team. He said, “Again 스포츠토토

Im Raon continued, “I’ve been learning basketball for about 3 years. I really like breaking through the dribble. And I love playing on the court with my friends, so I’m learning basketball more diligently.” We are working harder,” he said.

As Lim Ra-on himself said, during the match, Im Ra-on did not care much about his inferiority in height. Im Ra-on’s boldness to dig into the net without hesitation even in front of not only Yatoo but also tall players was one of Chungju Samsung’s clear offensive options.

He also talked about Si-rae Kim (Samsung) as a role model, saying, “I also got courage in many ways after seeing him survive on the KBL stage despite his small stature.” “I also like slam dunk Seo Tae-woong. I will continue to love basketball in the future,” he said, revealing his love for basketball.

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