‘Shin Min-seok 32 points’ Hyundai Mobis warms up with practice matches against Myeongji vs. Philippines

Hyundai Mobis wins scrimmage against Myongji University

The Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus won 104-66 in a scrimmage against Myongji University at Hyundai Mobis Gymnasium on 11 November.

Head coach Cho Dong-hyun said the team will focus on refining its fundamentals until August,바카라사이트 when foreign players will join the team. In the scrimmage, the team is focusing on strengthening their ball movement and transition offence without playing two-on-two in the first half, while also utilising two-on-two in the second half.

On this day, Hyundai Mobis had an even number of players except for national team member Lee Woo-seok and Kim Ji-wan and Kim Hyun-soo, who are both suffering from minor injuries. Top centre Ham Ji-hoon, who has been training normally, also did not play. As it was a practice match, it was more important to improve the players’ performance and strengthen their coordination than the result.

The standout player was Shin Min-seok (32 points), a long shooter in his third year. He continued his upward trend from the Universiade in the scrimmage. Newcomer Kim Jun-il (16 points) also played significant minutes and showed his strength under the basket.

Hyundai Mobis went with a starting line-up of Kim Tae-wan, Seo Myung-jin, Kim Kook-chan, Choi Jin-soo, and Jang Jae-seok. In the early stages of the game, both teams continued to exchange goals. Hyundai Mobis pushed forward with substitute Kim Jun-il, but struggled a bit with their opponent’s strong pressing defence and were unable to widen the gap. After a scoring battle at the end of the quarter, the first quarter ended 29-28.

Starting the second quarter with Park Jae-han, Kim Tae-wan, Shin Min-seok, Park Jun-eun, and Kim Joon-il, Hyundai Mobis increased their defensive focus and pulled away. Shin Min-seok’s three-pointers came in quick succession as Myeongji University caught up with Uhm Yoon-hyuk. Kim Tae-wan and Park Jae-han picked up the pace with fast-break points following a steal. A three-pointer by Park Jun-eun gave Hyundai Mobis a 57-42 lead at the end of the first quarter.

With the momentum in their favour, Hyundai Mobis widened the gap in the third quarter. Shin Min-seok continued to play well in the second half, while Kim Jun-il, Kim Tae-wan, and Son Seong-jin also contributed. With their defence improving as the game went on, Hyundai Mobis pulled away from Myeongjiji with a comfortable lead. The third quarter ended with a floater from Signeon-jin, and Hyundai Mobis entered the fourth quarter with a 78-51 lead.

In the fourth quarter, Hyundai Mobis continued to play evenly with its young bloods, including Signing Jin, Shin Min-seok, and Kim Kook-chan. The team played well together, and when Shin Min-seok and Kim Tae-wan scored back-to-back baskets, the crowd erupted in cheers. After reaching the 100-point mark, Hyundai Mobis finished the game smoothly.

Hyundai Mobis continues to warm up for the season and will depart for training in the Philippines on the 14th. The team will play about eight games during the training camp to improve their organisation. Coach Cho Dong-hyun expressed his expectations that the team will be able to grow as they face the Filipinos, who are excellent in one-on-one attacks.

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