Seok Seung-ho’s “Hanyang University Customized” Defense

 Dankook University coach Seok Seung-ho, who took revenge against Hanyang University and won two consecutive wins, said that he led the most important game of the year to a new victory.

Dankook University, led by head coach Seok Seung-ho, won the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League home game against Hanyang University, 78-73, held at Dankook University Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on the 13th.

It became an unpredictable game as both teams could not easily take the initiative in the game until the second half. Dankook University avenged its regretful loss in an away game on the 22nd against Hanyang University by scoring with shooter Jae-Hwan Song and Doo-Ho Lee, who played an active role both inside and outside.스포츠토토

After the game, Dankook University coach Seok Seung-ho said, “Today (13th) was the most important game of the year. It feels so good to win by focusing hard until the end. And it’s the first win I’ve ever won while playing the speed game. I think the players will feel more importance (with today’s victory),” he said of his victory.

It was coach Seok Seung-ho who gave credit to the team that led the game to victory. “Song Jae-hwan is very good at shooting, and Lee Doo-ho has a mismatch situation, so he practiced a lot while training for that part,” said coach Seok, who started praising the team, “(Song Jae-hwan and Lee Doo-ho) are the players who are ahead of each other so that they can score. I was able to win because they let go of their greed and gave me an assist,” he said, expressing his gratitude to the team.

On the 22nd, Dankook University was defeated by 2 points in an away game against Hanyang University. After the defeat against Hanyang University, how did Dankook University change the atmosphere of the team? Coach Seok Seung-ho said, “I had about 10 days after the game against Chosun University (after the match against Hanyang University). During that time, he also did video meetings and trained a lot for each player. He expressed his satisfaction with the day’s play through practice, saying, “The practiced defense went well.”

What is the defense practiced by Hanyang University prepared by Dankook University? “It is not easy for us to cover (Hanyang University’s big men) with our height. So I did a lot of double teams. Mismatches occur when we defend (to Shin Ji-won, Hanyang University), but conversely, when we attack (we), mismatches also occur. I prepared a lot for this part and it went well today.” This was Seok Seung-ho’s explanation of Dankook University’s customized defense for Hanyang University.

With this victory, Dankook University was tied for 5th place with Hanyang University and Sungkyunkwan University. What will be the plans of head coach Seok Seung-ho, who is in the middle of the league? Coach Seok said, “Today was the most important game. We lost by 2 points, but because we won by 5 points, (we) are ahead on goal difference.” “From now on, you will think of every game as a final. This is because advancing to the playoffs depends on winning or losing. I will prepare well so that I can win.” 

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