Road FC champion Kim Tae-in, who has his father’s name tattooed on it, “I played to let my father know”

 “I competed to make my father’s name known once more.”

‘President Fist’ Kim Tae-in (20, Road FC Kim Tae-in Jim) conveyed his passionate love for his father. On the 18th, Road FC 062 was held at the Grand Swiss Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. The co-main event of the day was Road FC’s first light heavyweight championship match. In the international match, the protagonists were Kim Tae-in of Korea and Daniel Gomez (36, Team Brazillian Thai) of Brazil. Gomez is the current champion of War Dog, a famous Japanese organization. He is a talented fighter, having been champion in two organizations before.

Although Kim Tae-in is undefeated with 3 consecutive wins, Gomes boasts a wealth of experience with 11 wins, 6 losses and 1 null. He is based on Jiu-Jitsu as he is from Brazil. On the other hand, Kim Tae-in is based on boxing, as evidenced by his amateur boxing history of 15 victories. A sparkly battle was expected, but the game was decided in 12 seconds. As soon as the round started, Kim Tae-in got close to Gomez and put a powerful fist on Gomez’s abdomen, and Gomez sat down on the ground. In the following pounding, the referee stopped the game and declared Kim Tae-in’s victory.

The 12-second victory is the second record ever in the Road FC title match. The first was 10 seconds of featherweight champion Lee Jung-young against Park Hae-jin. In the cage interview that followed the victory, Kim Tae-in replaced the thrill with long words. First of all, I thought of my father who passed away the most. Kim Tae-in said, “I fought to make his father’s name known, and he even became a champion. I am so happy that my dream came true. But there is no one to dedicate that happiness to. Rather than me who has achieved my dream, I want to be a person who can hear my father with just one phone call,” he said, expressing his affection for his father.

Kim Tae-in’s father, Kim Joo-hoe, died in 2019 while supporting Kim Tae-in. By the time Kim Tae-in debuted in Road FC and made his name known, it was his late father. Kim Tae-in said, “Father Kim Joo-hoe, I love you so much. I am happy to be born as your son. Rest in peace now” and informed his father that he had become a champion. Kim Tae-in tattooed the Chinese characters of his father’s name on his left chest and always lives together with his heart.토토

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