Public golf course weekend green fee cannot exceed 247,000 won

Course fees (green fees) at public golf courses, which are in high demand among golf lovers, are limited to less than 188,000 won on weekdays and 247,000 won on weekends.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced on the 1st that you can apply for designation of a public golf course from the New Year 2023, and that golf courses that want to be designated must set green fees lower than the upper limit. This is in accordance with the ‘Announcement on the Designation of a Public Golf Course’ that took effect on the 30th of last month.

The upper limit set by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is the average entrance fee for non-member golf courses in the metropolitan area as of October of last year, after reflecting the 2.8% increase in entertainment and cultural consumer prices, and subtracting the difference in taxation (34,000 won) between the membership golf course and the public golf course. is the amount Green fees for public golf courses in Busan and Gyeongnam have risen to 200,000 won on weekdays and 230,000 won on weekends.

Operators wishing to register as a public golf course must submit a fee plan. You can register only when the average rates for April, May, June and September, October, and November do not exceed the upper limit set by the government.

Along with this, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism decided to apply the ‘golf course fee display management standard’ from the 1st. Accordingly, all golf courses must post the green fee on the website so that users can check it when making a reservation, and the fees for additional services such as carts and food and beverages must be posted on the website and on site. 메이저사이트

However, since the fee for using the caddy service is not money paid directly to the golf course, it is excluded from the mandatory fee for display.

An official from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said, “Starting this year, we will be able to enjoy golf at public golf courses without worrying about excessive fee hikes like in the past.”

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