Pittsburgh Bae Ji-hwan Opening Day Entry Key?

 There is a big difference between a veteran and a rookie in spring training.

Veterans are in the stage of raising their pace in preparation for the opening of the season. Andrew McCutchen, former MVP who returned to his parents’ home, is a case in point. He is currently hitless in 8 at-bats. However, the rookie has to run with all his might, as if he were running a marathon. It is Rookie Bae Ji-hwan. If the veteran is not injured, he is included in the 26 entries for the opening game. The rookie is in a position to start the season in the minor leagues due to lack of skills.

Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Bae Ji-hwan (23), who played against the Minnesota Twins in the Florida Grapefruit League on the 6th (Korean time), only struck out 1 in 3 at-bats. 1 hit in 12 at-bats in 5 games. His batting average is 0.83.

Last year, he participated in 10 major league games, and his contact ability with 11 hits in 33 at-bats and a batting average of 0.333 is missing ahead of entry into the opening game of the 2023 season. In 13 at-bats in the Grapefruit League, he walked 1 and struck out 4. His on-base percentage is only 0.154. Coach Derek Seldon appointed Bae Ji-hwan as the top hitter and second baseman in four games. The intention is to save fast mobility. However, he is not living up to the director’s plan at all. The club is also looking forward to trust and growth in Bae Ji-hwan.

Bae Ji-hwan, left-handed hitter, made a safety foul on the ball count of 0-1 in the first at-bat of the day. Greg Brown, caster of Pittsburgh’s exclusive broadcasting station Sportsnet, said, “(Bae) Ji-hwan’s powerful weapon is his quick feet. He emphasized his mobility, saying, “He is a player who can put a safety bunt even when the ball count is 0-1.”

Pittsburgh is a team in rebuilding mode. Last offseason, he upgraded his power by trading with a free agent, but it is not enough to influence the team power. This year, the National League Central District is expected to be in the lower ranks. Since it is a rebuilding team, utility man Bae Ji-hwan also has a chance.

However, in the Grapefruit League, his contact and on-base percentage must be up to expectations before he can join the Opening Day 26-man roster. Bae Ji-hwan is not a power hitter. The team expects the role of stealing the score through contact and on-base. Mobility also needs to be on base to become a ‘lethal weapon’. This year, the base has grown from 38.1cm to 45.1cm, which is advantageous for quick players. Like Bae Ji-hwan, a green light runner is very advantageous because he can use the strategy from the position of coach Sheldon. 스포츠토토

Last year, he stole 3 bases in 10 MLB games and 30 bases in 108 games at Triple-A Indianapolis.

Pittsburgh is a team that needs mobility. The icing on the cake if a home run hitter is developed in the minor leagues, but clubs with weak finances find it difficult to recruit power hitters. Center fielder Brian Reynolds, who requested a trade, had 27 home runs, the most on the team. Last season, the team stole 89 bases, which is 14th overall in the MLB. The #1 Texas Rangers have 128. Within the team, third baseman Kibrian Hayes has the most with 20, and shortstop O’Neal Cruz with 10. Cruz played 87 games. If Bae Ji-hwan is included, it can be a team of mobility. In the end, the blow dictates.

If you cannot show your contact ability in the remaining demonstration games, your debut through the opening entry for the 2023 season is not expected to be easy.

Meanwhile, in the game against the Twins at Home Recom Park, Pittsburgh won 5-2, marking a 2-5 record in the Grapefruit League. The Twins played a split squad game that day, including the Detroit Tigers at home and the away game against Pittsburgh.

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