“OH Hanjari, Daeun and Miyeon have to take responsibility and endure… ” 6 consecutive wins failed, a sigh of defeat

Director Kwon Soon-chan couldn’t help but smile.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, led by coach Kwon Soon-chan, held a set score 2-3 (25-27, 18-25, 25-14, 25 -19, 10-15) and failed to win the first six games in a row.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, who added 1 point, recorded 36 points (12 wins, 4 losses), but narrowed the gap with leading Hyundai Engineering & Construction to 2 points.

Yelena Mrazenovic (registered name MoMA) made a big success with 30 points, and Kim Yeon-kyung also gave strength with 29 points. Lee Joo-ah scored 14 points including 4 blocks and 1 serve from the center, but she couldn’t laugh.

After the game, coach Kwon Soon-chan said, “I was anxious about receiving in the middle. As a result, the atmosphere passed a lot. The players had a lot of trouble,” he said. “There is no problem with the team atmosphere. Perhaps because of physical problems, I had a hard time solving the beginning.”

Coach Kwon Soon-chan continued, “It is good to see that the players did not give up and continued to the end. However, (Kim) Da-eun and (Kim) Mi-yeon are in charge of one position, which is still jagged. I hope you will take responsibility and endure.”

The part that Heungkuk Life Insurance needs to solve is the ups and downs of the setter. With the current national team setter Park Hye-jin missing due to injury, it is unclear whether he will return within the season. Da-Sol Kim and Eun-Seo Park should take responsibility, but the ups and downs of Da-Sol Kim, who is active as the main setter, are approaching with regret.토토

Director Kwon said, “Dasol makes a hasty toss when the receive comes uneasy. And then there are a lot of mistakes. That’s the downside. I talk a lot during training, but it’s a habit and I can’t change it. Of course, I am aware of it while playing the game. Shouldn’t we continue to fix it in the future?” he said vigorously.

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