“Offer this winter”…Lee Kang-in had three chances to go to the Madrid team

Lee Kang-in was wooed by Madrid teams several times.

Spain’s ‘As’ said on the 5th (Korean time), “Lee Kang-in’s career is not long, but he had three opportunities to go to Madrid during that time,” and said that teams related to Madrid were constantly targeting Lee Kang-in. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. Lee Kang-in came to Spain by joining the Valencia youth team. He showed amazing performance in the age group and quickly rose to the first team and increased his playing time.

‘As’ revealed that the Madrid teams were interested in Lee Kang-in even before he came to Valencia. The media said, “Lee Kang-in appeared on a show in Korea and showed dazzling potential. Madrid teams also courted him, but he went to Valencia. When Lee Kang-in showed good form, Valencia tried to sign a professional contract. Real wanted Lee Kang-in. But At the time, Valencia general manager Mateu Alemani signed a professional contract not to lose Lee Kang-in.”

Valencia considered Lee Kang-in as a valuable resource to the extent that they rushed to sign a professional contract to prevent him from going to another team. Lee Kang-in, who had been gradually establishing himself in the first team of Valencia, faced a situation where his playing time was gradually decreasing. Compared to Dongnai University prospects, Lee Kang-in was not frequently replaced or used, and eventually decided to transfer in 2021. Leaving as a free agent (FA), Valencia could not get Lee Kang-in’s transfer fee.

I struggled in the first season, but this season is completely different. Lee Kang-in has emerged as an irreplaceable resource in Mallorca. His strong point, kicking ability, has improved, and his involvement in defense and understanding of tactics have increased, maximizing his utility. His value rose significantly as he became one of the leading midfielders in Spanish La Liga as well. As his performance gradually improved, courtship from big clubs followed. Another Madrid team approached, but this time it was Atletico.

Atletico had a creativity problem. I tried to increase the attack and midfield options by bringing in Lee Kang-in to fill his creativity. ‘Ath’ said, “Atletico offered 15 million euros (approximately 20.2 billion won) for the winter. However, it fell short of Lee Kang-in’s buyout, and Mallorca refused to negotiate. Coach Javier Aguirre also did not want to send Lee Kang-in. So again, Lee Kang-in. ‘s trip to Madrid has collapsed,” he said. 온라인카지노

Lee Kang-in is still young. If the current trend continues, he seems to be able to go to big clubs, including Madrid-related teams.

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