“Now we have to show the results”… ‘First transfer in my life’ 28-year-old infielder bit his lip

 “I want to do well. Now I have to show the results, so I’m firmly in my mind.”

Lee Ho-yeon (28), infielder of the kt Wiz, revealed his determination to join the wizard corps. Just as he said, “Now we have to show the results,” his eyes were full of determination.

On the 19th, kt announced a 1:1 trade with the Lotte Giants. They sent left-handed pitcher Shim Jae-min (29) and recruited right-handed left-hander Lee Ho-yeon from Lotte. With this trade, Lee Ho-yeon experienced the first transfer in his life.

Lee Ho-yeon could not easily break through the thick Lotte infield. He had a batting average of 0.433 (29 hits in 67 at-bats), 3 homers, 17 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.187 in the Futures League, recording the best batting average, slugging percentage, and on-base percentage in both leagues. However, his opportunity did not come easily. Eventually, he switched teams and made his first first-team appearance of the season.

Lee Ho-yeon, whom I met before the game, looked bewildered at the news of the trade. “Yesterday (19th) I was playing the Doosan Bears in the Futures League, and I was replaced about 3 times. I was thinking of joining the first team, but I received the news of the trade. Since then, I have been confused. The uniform has changed right away,” he said. remembered

Fortunately, however, kt has many players from Lotte. There are many colleagues from Lotte, such as infielders Shin Bon-ki (34) and Oh Yoon-seok (31), and catcher Kim Joon-tae (29). It will help you adapt to the team. He said, “(Kim) Jun-tae hyung, (Oh) Yoon-seok hyung, and (Shin) Bon-gi hyung, so I think I’ll adapt well.”

kt is expecting a lot with the recruitment of Lee Ho-yeon. Before the game, kt coach Lee Kang-cheol said about Lee Ho-yeon’s recruitment, “The Futures League batting average is 40%. I hope they bomb here as well.” C. It came really well. They say that the hitting has been very good since they were young,” expressing anticipation.

Lee Ho-yeon knows what the team wants. He’s had the quirk of having to do his share as an infield multiplayer with his recent blows on fire. “(Infield multi-position) is what I continued to do at Lotte. I have to do better at kt. I want to do well, and now I have to show results, so I’m firmly in my mindset.”

He added, “I want to show (my skills), but if I try to show it, I think it will take more energy. I want to show myself as I am. I want to work hard.”스포츠토토

Finally, Lee Ho-yeon expressed his gratitude to the Lotte fans who have supported him generously since the first year of his debut in 2018. “He cheered me on right after I was nominated for the draft. There are many people who have supported me even today. I am always grateful. Also, as a baseball fan, I will always show you how to work hard at the baseball field. Please support me.”

Continuing to greet the fans of the new team, kt, “Suwon is not an unfamiliar place as I studied at Sungkyunkwan University. It’s really nice to meet you. There must be many fans who don’t know my name yet. I’ll work hard and show a good image at the baseball stadium.” handed over

Meanwhile, Lee Ho-yeon takes his first step as a member of the wizard corps, playing for the first time as the 8th hitter and second baseman.

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