“North Korea’s ‘People’s Ronaldo’ Han Kwang-sung returns to North Korea in August”

It was reported that North Korean soccer player Han Kwang-song, who surprised the world by transferring to the Italian Seria A big club Juventus in 2019, returned to North Korea in the middle of last month.

Han Kwang-sung was the first North Korean player to score a goal in one of Europe’s top five soccer leagues. He was called the ‘people’s Ronaldo’ before suddenly disappearing a few years ago.

According to Radio Free Asia (RFA) on the 15th, Italy’s Marco Bagozzi, a North Korean sports expert, recently told RFA, “I recently spoke with Han Kwang-sung’s close friend in Italy, and he confirmed that he left in mid-August.”

Han Kwang-seong’s social networking service (SNS) Facebook Messenger is also said to have been shut down since mid-August.안전놀이터

Another anonymous source also reported that Han Kwang-sung went to North Korea with other North Korean residents via Beijing, China in the middle of last month.

RFA reported that on the 22nd of last month, about 3 years and 7 months after North Korea closed its borders due to the COVID-19 outbreak, when a North Korean state-owned airline, Air Koryo, returned from Beijing carrying about 200 North Korean residents, Han Kwang-seong also appears to have returned home.

Coach Jorn Andersen, who coached the North Korean national team, is said to have found Han Kwang-song’s residence in Italy in January of this year.

In Resolution 2397 adopted in December 2017, the UN Security Council mandated that North Korean overseas workers be repatriated to their home country within 24 months.

Accordingly, Han Gwang-seong, who was unable to play on the overseas stage, transferred to the Qatari professional team Al Duhail in January 2020, but it was reported that he returned to Italy after receiving notice of the expiration of his contract from his club that year.

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