‘Miracle of Chengdu’ director Seo Jeong-won “Checking trends in Germany… Satisfying NO, preparing twice as hard”

China, Korea, Germany… . Seo Jeong-won, head coach of Chengdu Rongcheng (53), is busy with the off-season. He gets on the plane one after another and feels the flow of world football directly on the field.

Coach Seo is one of the ‘legends’ representing Korean football. He has a successful career as a leader as well. He coached Suwon Samsung from 2013 to 2018. He also won the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup in 2016. In December 2020, he took the baton of Chengdu Rongcheng and advanced to the Chinese stage. He made the ‘Miracle of Chengdu’ in just one year. They caught Dalian in the 2021 promotion playoffs. He led Chengdu from the Grade 1 League (2nd Division) to the Super League (1st Division). Chengdu achieved the Super League dream for the first time since its foundation (2014). ‘Seo Jeong-won Magic’ continued in 2022. Chengdu showed a fearsome second half in the second half and finished 5th in the Super League.

Director Seo was humble. He said, “In the past two years, there were difficult parts due to Corona 19. Still, the players worked hard and followed well. I made better results than I thought. I am never satisfied. I have to prepare twice as hard.” He continued, “It is difficult for our team to invest heavily in foreign players. It’s a tough league. I thought the players who played in the K-League would do well in China. It fit perfectly. (Kim) Min-woo and all the players did well in an exemplary way,” he thanked. 온라인바카라

Coach Seo is taking a break after an intense season. But his football clock has not stopped. He’s moving faster. In a recent interview with Sports Chosun, coach Seo said, “I went to Germany. Frankfurt coach Oliver Glasner is a friend. I went to the field and saw the team training and talked. We talked a lot about European football in general. Frankfurt’s Some of the coaching staff were friends from the past, so we talked more.” Coach Seo had a relationship with manager Glasner and others while playing for Linz (Austria) in the past.

Coach Seo, who checked European football trends in Germany, plans to continue training in Korea. He said, “After two to three weeks of training in China, we plan to conduct battery training in Suwon. We are preparing for the game,” he said.

He said, “I think many people will look forward to this year as well. We have to get results,” he said.

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