Lee Woo-seok’s injury, Prim’s strength. Hyundai Mobis falls into the pit of 9 consecutive losses at Dojin Gas Corporation due to chronic disease

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis defeated Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu after a lot of hard work.

In the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball regular league away game held at the Daegu Indoor Gymnasium on the 16th, Hyundai Mobis won Gage Prim (25 points, 13 rebounds) and Jang Jae-seok (10 points, 6 rebounds), Lee Dae-seong (18 points) and Murphy Harlow. Wei (19 points) defeated Korea Gas Corporation, which was struggling, 84 to 77.

Hyundai Mobis, which recorded 25 wins and 17 losses, maintained its sole third place, and KOGAS fell into a 9-game losing streak and finished in 9th place with 13 wins and 28 losses. It is 5.0 games behind 6th place KCC. With 14 games remaining, the odds of advancing to the playoffs in the round of 6 were even lower.

▶First half = maximum variable occurrence. Hyundai Mobis Lee Woo-seok suffered an ankle injury and

Lee Dae-seong got off to a good start. It opened with three open stores. After that, Scott’s breakthrough under the goal, 5-0, was a good start for Korea Gas Corporation.

For Hyundai Mobis, Avarientos broke through Lee Dae-sung’s close defense and scored 3 runs. Afterwards, Jang Jae-seok put in a quick dunk with a steel to lightly tie the score.

Lee Woo-seok succeeded as a mid-jumper by one-on-one individual ability. Scott’s mid-jumper response.

Hyundai Mobis’ weakness in the last two seasons was that it was weak against outside pressure. However, it is gradually improving, and it was the same today. There are Lee Dae-sung and Lee Won-dae, but Hyundai Mobis showed an equal appearance with Avarientos, Seo Myung-jin, and Lee Woo-seok with a lot of activity.

When the balance was established on the outskirts, the unique strength of Hyundai Mobis, Prim’s attack under the goal began. One point was scored on a free throw, followed by a successful 3-point play by basket count. Again, Avarientos succeeds in the steal. As a transition, Seo Myung-jin’s open 3 stores exploded. 14-7, Hyundai Mobis started hitting.

Gas Corporation was unable to break through the attack. Occasionally he created chances on the outside, but he ignored the rim. There were no attack options with high probability. Jang Jae-seok and Prim stormed the bottom of the goal. 20-7, KOGAS replaced Lee Dae-sung and Lee Won-dae and put Belrangel and Shin Seung-min in order to change the atmosphere. Shin Seung-Min’s 3-pointer rallied the line. Jang Jae-seok got into foul trouble (3 fouls) early due to an attacker foul. Replaced by Ham Ji-hoon.

As for the gas corporation, Scott took on an unreasonable challenge. A double team of Prim and Ham Ji-hoon behind the goal. The attack under the goal failed. Avarientos made 3 free throws due to a 3-point shot foul by Shin Seung-min using a tight mark. 26-10, 16 points widened.

Holloway laid the foundation for the pursuit. At the end of the first quarter, a cool dunk broke through the bottom of the goal one after another, and eventually Hyundai Mobis led by 10 points, 26-16. Gas Corporation showed a confused appearance in the middle of the first quarter, but was eventually able to balance by catching up with a 10-point car.

At the beginning of the second quarter, KOGAS started to play a strong close defense. There was a side effect of increasing fouls, but it was somewhat successful in disrupting Hyundai Mobis’ attack rhythm. Belrangel’s mid-jumper led the team to 28-22, leading to a 6-point lead.

Avarientos has poor 2v2 defense, especially the ability to cope with the screen, and Henry Sims, a foreign player with 2 options, does not hedge and recover properly in 2v2 defense. Because of this, they play down defense that sags under the goal, but Belrangel properly attacked the mid-range area, which is a weak point. Operation time of Hyundai Mobis. In the subsequent attack, Belrangel received a screen and Avarientos fell, and when Sims saw the action of covering, he passed it to Holloway under the goal. Successfully performed an easy 2v2 attack. It was a defensive weakness of Hyundai Mobis that could occur if Sims came out.

With 7 minutes and 20 seconds left in the second quarter, Lee Woo-seok suffered a right ankle injury. I had a problem with my right ankle in a situation where I was going to receive the ball, not in a landing situation. carried out on a stretcher Wooseok Lee could no longer appear on the court. The injuries were not serious.

Hyundai Mobis was in crisis. Shin Seung-min’s 3 stores exploded. He chased by 3 points. Lee Woo-seok’s gap was clear. Hyundai Mobis’ attack efficiency has declined. In the end, Holloway tied the score 33-33 with a fast dunk. Gas Corporation was able to reverse the flow. From that point on, it was a blood-drying skirmish.

Both teams had intermittent 3-pointers, but a disappointing attack continued. Gas Corporation launched a two-on-two attack on Avarientos with ‘match-up hunting’ and it worked. In the end, 49-45, KOGAS lead by 4 points.

Hyundai Mobis gave the lead in the 2nd quarter due to Lee Woo-seok’s vacancy and the defensive weakness of the Avarientos side, and Lee Woo-seok’s vacancy was pushed by Gas Corporation’s outer defense, and the offensive work itself did not go smoothly.

▶Second half = match, gas corporation’s chronic disease came out again.

Gas Corporation did not start with Lee Dae-seong starting in the 3rd quarter. A simple under-the-goal attack again centered on Holloway. However, Hyundai Mobis succeeded in reversing by turning the flow with a quick attack following the steel.

It was another bloody skirmish. Gas Corporation scored consecutively with steals by pressure and quick attacks. Chabawi took the lead. Hyundai Mobis attacked under the goal centered on Prim, followed by Shin Min-seok and Kim Tae-wan’s 3 stores. However, both teams were not good at attacking. A fierce battle of power ensued.

4 reversals and reversals. Ham Ji-hoon and Prim had a slight advantage as they made three consecutive high-lo games. On the other hand, Korea Gas Corporation’s 2v2 attack centered on Lee Dae-seong from the outskirts failed. The goal determination was lacking. In the end, 66-65, Hyundai Mobis led by 1 point in the 3rd quarter.

In the 4th quarter, Gas Corporation committed a ridiculous half-line violation. Gas Corporation has lacked concentration throughout this season. It is a side effect of running an unclear rotation without finalizing the best 5 and poor organization.

Shin Min-seok made a perfect connection to Jang Jae-seok under the goal after shooting fake. Gas Corporation responded with a dunk under the goal by Scott’s fantastic spin move. In Hyundai Mobis, Jang Jae-seok again succeeded in breaking through under the goal.

Lee Dae-seong failed 3-pointers twice. Shin Min-seok was sent off for five fouls. Shin Min-seok was a player who was weak in defense, but filled the void of Lee Woo-seok of Hyundai Mobis with his strong activity, good shooting ability and height. Kim Gook-chan came in instead.

Gas Corporation began to press the outskirts of Hyundai Mobis with a surprise double team. Seo Myung-jin and Kim Tae-wan were being pushed around. Avarientos is on the bench due to inaccurate execution of the team pattern and problems with defense.

By the way, Hyundai Mobis succeeded in the mid jumper after Prim caught the offensive rebound. It was a breath-taking attack for the oppressed Hyundai Mobis. 74-69, Hyundai Mobis lead by 5 points.

Lee Dae-sung and Holloway 2v2. Jang Jae-seok exploded a cool block shot. Afterwards, Jang Jae-seok shot under the goal with Prim’s exquisite pass. 7 points. Prim hit the tough mid jumper again. Gas Corporation has once again simplified its attack route. Holloway’s unreasonable fade away failed under Prim’s check. He succeeded in 1-1 under the goal of Seo Myung-jin and even the basket count. In an instant, the 12-point lead widened.

Afterwards, KOGAS pursued with Lee Dae-sung’s speedy attack and Seo Myung-jin’s technical foul with a free throw. They caught up by 6 points. Lee Dae-sung and Holloway’s 2v2 attack came out. It was 4 points. The remaining time is 1 minute and 24 seconds. Gas Corporation made a fierce pursuit at the last minute.

Seo Myung-jin committed another offense foul. He hit deep and collided with an ancestor’s fever. Gas Corporation’s right to attack. At this time, KOGAS made a painful mistake. After Holloway’s break through, Avarientos stole the pass. And the moment KOGAS started focusing on defense under the goal, it was a perfect open chance for Kim Tae-wan on the other side. 3 points went through the rim. The game ended here.

Gas Corporation fought well until the third quarter. Clearly, the flow was favorable. It was also fortunate that Lee Woo-seok, one of the aces of Hyundai Mobis, was left out. 스포츠토토

However, in the end, I couldn’t hold on to the match. The attack centered on Lee Dae-sung and Holloway lacked accuracy. More importantly, a similar pattern in every game this season. The point is that Lee Dae-sung and Holloway’s 2-to-2, and Holloway’s 1-to-1 post-up option respond to the match. It is natural to actively utilize the core at the time of desperation, but too simple attack patterns are emerging in every game. In a situation where the concentration of the opponent’s defense is at its peak, it is natural that the efficiency of the attack decreases.

Hyundai Mobis did not have Lee Woo-seok, and Avarientos was not good, but in the end, it overcame the match and won a valuable one. Prim’s presence was still there, and Jang Jae-seok and Ham Ji-hoon’s performance under the goal were also a great strength. In addition, Seo Myung-jin, unlike last season, showed a solid appearance on the court and led the team, which was impressive. Definitely a different performance than last season. However, the scene of receiving a technical foul while hitting the ball hard on the court due to Lee Dae-sung’s rough foul, the match-up point, unreasonable 3 points, and the attacker’s foul were not cool as a field commander. It was ‘growing pains’.

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