Korea Expressway Corporation overcame the messy flow, earned 3 victory points 

It was a messy game with scenes that are not often seen one after another. The Korea Expressway Corporation was the one that maintained its concentration better.

Korea Expressway Corporation defeated Hyundai E&C with a set score of 3-1 (21-25, 25-21, 25-20, 25-20) in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Round 5 match held at Suwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 14th. We got the precious 3 points. Variables emerged one after another in this game. The game was suspended for a while, and the results of the rare room and video review came out. However, the Korea Expressway Corporation players did not waver and played the prepared volleyball. Catherine Bell (registered name Catbell) led the attack with 22 points and Park Jung-ah with 17 points. On the other hand, Hyundai E&C lost 3 consecutive times, having difficulty maintaining concentration and managing the room after 20 points even after taking the first set. Yang Hyo-jin and Lee Vone Montaño (registered name Montaño) jointly scored 39 points, but had nothing to do with victory.

1st match result – Hyundai Engineering & Construction 25 : 21 Korea Expressway Corporation – Jeong Si-young’s condition is nothing!
[Main records]

Hyundai Engineering & Construction Jeong Si-young: 4 points, receiving efficiency 40%
Korea Expressway Corporation: no score on serve, 2 serving errors

Hyundai E&C started Si-young Chung as an outside heater due to injuries to Ye-rim Go and Min-kyung Hwang. Since Si-Young Chung is a player with good offense but a weakness in receiving, the key to the game was how well the Korea Expressway Corporation played target hits for Si-Young Chung.

Jeong Si-young stably endured the serve of the Korea Expressway Corporation and also increased momentum in the attack. Chung Si-young showed that he was in the best condition by receiving a dig at 10-7 and even succeeding in a parry attack.

On the other hand, Korea Expressway Corporation could not use effective serve and had no choice but to play a dragged game. In 11-13 and 15-17, which continued the chase, Bae Yoo-na and Moon Jeong-won committed sub-mistakes, leaving regret. Afterwards, Jung Dae-young’s fast-breaking offense from 18-21 was a fatal blow for Korea Expressway Corporation. Hyundai E&C, which gained momentum, continued the good trend and won the first set 25-21.

2nd set match result – Hyundai E&C 21 : 25 Korea Expressway Corporation – appearance of a rare crime
[main record]

Hyundai E&C: rotation fault at 3-3 (Jung Si-young used the serve in Montaño’s turn)
Korea Expressway Corporation: 17-16 Reversal allowed after that X
Blocking/Bumsil: Hyundai E&C 6/8 – Korea Expressway Corporation 3/2

In the 2nd set, a rare bumsil appeared. In 3-3, it was Hyundai E&C’s turn to serve, and Chung Si-young stood on the serve line. The moment Siyoung Chung served, the whistle blew. According to the rotation, it was Montaño’s turn to serve, but Chung Si-yeong, who was next in Montaño’s order, served, resulting in a rotation fault. When Hyundai E&C contributed 1 point for an absurd mistake, Korea Expressway Corporation, which revived the atmosphere, took an 8-6 lead.

The atmosphere that Beomsil took away did not return to Hyundai E&C easily. It caught more blocking than Korea Expressway Corporation and continued its pursuit, but it struggled hard to make a reversal. The problem was this time, too. More points were lost due to mistakes by Si-Young Chung and Montaño than points gained through blocking.

Meanwhile, in the second set, the game was stopped for a while as Hyundai E&C fell behind by 19-20. After that, Hyundai E&C raised its concentration to reverse after 20 points. Si-Young Jeong and Ji-Yoon Jeong scored in a row to tie the score at 21-21. However, this time, Moon Jeong-won’s stable 2-stage connection and Catbell’s exciting attack came out, and the reverse was not reached. Korea Expressway Corporation, which maintained its concentration until the end and did not allow a turnaround, succeeded in counterattacking with a 25-21 victory in the second set.

3rd set game result – Hyundai E&C 20 : 25 Korea Expressway Corporation – Appearance of rare reading result

Hyundai E&C Lee Da-hyun: 6 points, 2 blocks, attack success rate 66.67%
Replay: 16-13 Hyundai E&C lead, referee’s ball antenna touch video reading of Catbell’s quick open, replay after simultaneous contact read
Korea Expressway Corporation Moon Jeong-won: 16 At -18, 4 consecutive serves (serv 1 point)

At the beginning of the 3rd set, Lee Da-hyun’s performance stood out. Following the open attack in the center, he made sharp use of the right movement attack, which he had been regretting throughout this season. Here, he blocked even Catbell’s open attack with blocking, raising his momentum to the fullest. 안전놀이터

Hyundai E&C was ahead by 16-13, and another rare situation was created. When Catbell’s quick open hit Jung Ji-yoon’s hand and antenna at almost the same time, referee Kang Joo-hee requested a referee video review. After a long reading, the result was simultaneous contact and a replay was declared.

The Korea Expressway Corporation was the first to settle the somewhat cluttered court atmosphere. Moon Jeong-won led the 19-18 comeback by using 4 consecutive serves, including one serve score. On the other hand, Hyundai E&C committed mistakes one after another after scoring 20 points and destroyed itself. Along with Chung Si-young’s consecutive attacks, the third set was 25-20, becoming the Korea Expressway Corporation’s set.

4th set game result – Hyundai E&C 20 : 25 Korea Expressway Corporation – Korea Expressway Corporation’s perseverance
[Main records]

Hyundai E&C Go Yerim: 4th set selection
Korea Expressway Corporation Moon Jeongwon: Receive efficiency 66.67%

Manager Kang Seong-hyeong tried to stabilize the receive by appointing Go Ye-rim as the starter for the 4th set instead of Jeong Si-young. But the problem arose on the other side. Kim Joo-ha’s receive wavered and Jeong Dae-young’s direct score exploded. Afterwards, in 10-15, even Go Ye-rim’s receive collapsed, allowing Catbell’s direct score.

Rather, it was the Korea Expressway Corporation that had a stable receive. Moon Jeong-won stably received all of Hyundai E&C’s tricky serves and protected the rear. Thanks to Moon Jeong-won’s receive, Korea Expressway Corporation was able to operate all of the various attack options using cat bells, and overwhelms the flow of the game until the middle.

Even in the 4th set, chaotic situations appeared without falling out. Coach Sung-hyung Kang strongly expressed his dissatisfaction by requesting an additional video review of the attacker’s touchout. The result was Park Jung-ah’s attacker touchout, and Hyundai E&C’s score was recognized. However, Korea Expressway Corporation did not miss the trend once caught. Moon Jeong-won scored again in a row on the serve turn to seize the victory, and Park Jung-ah finished the game with an open attack. The score was 25-20.

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