Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) aims to recapture 3rd place… The driving force behind the rise chosen by the command tower

Men’s professional volleyball KEPCO has recently won three consecutive victories and is on the verge of recapturing third place, the last line to advance into spring volleyball. If they win the match against Hyundai Capital held at the Suwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 5th, they will score 38 points, and Woori Card in 3rd place can chase it with a difference of 1 point. 

In the last three matches, Korean Air (2nd) and Hyundai Capital (January 23rd) took first place. Thais, a foreign player, has peaked in offense, and domestic strikers Lim Seong-jin and Seo Jae-deok are also in good shape. 

KEPCO fell into a 9-game losing streak after winning the Samsung Firefighting on November 29 last year. They couldn’t get past the bottom of the league. Director Kwon Young-min’s system was also greatly shaken. However, from the 4th round, the game completely changed. Young players, led by two veterans, Park Cheol-woo and Shin Young-seok, began to show their skills. 

KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min, who we met ahead of the match against Hyundai Capital on the 5th, said, “In fact, even when we lost 9 straight times, the atmosphere wasn’t as bad. They gained confidence,” he said.  안전놀이터

The weak side of the 1st set is still there. The match against Korean Air on the 2nd was also 13-25. But the Command Tower doesn’t care. It gives meaning to the point of overcoming the early inferiority and winning the victory. 

Above all, I am most satisfied with the improved coordination between setter Ha Seung-woo and strikers who joined ahead of this season. Manager Kwon Young-min, who said, “Even a high-level setter needs time to assimilate into the team,” laughed, saying, “Now, it seems that 80 to 90 percent of the power I envisioned before the season comes out.” 

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