Klinsmann: “The Asian Cup is a test… the criticism will come later.”

Coach Klinsmann of the national soccer team returned home with his players after completing an away friendly in Europe. He expressed his position on the public criticism directed at him.

This is reporter Jeon Young-min.

Klinsmann, who initially planned to stay in Europe and check on overseas players, changed his plan and returned home immediately.

He achieved his first win in just 6 games since his appointment, and even in a situation where public opinion was negative due to the so-called ‘remote work’ controversy, he showed a uniquely relaxed appearance.

메이저놀이터Klinsmann/National Soccer Team Coach: You guys told me to come, so I came. In fact, the association said, ‘A lot of media is waiting for you. And usually, when the national team returns home, the coach comes with them, so we changed the plan.]

While he did not give a specific answer to the ‘remote work’ controversy, he said this about asking Wales representative Aaron Ramsey for a uniform to give to his son. I have explained it.

[Klinsmann/National Soccer Team Coach: I received it because the physical therapist on my son’s team asked for it. I don’t understand why negative comments were posted on my son’s social media.]

I asked fans to give me faith and support rather than criticism until the Asian Cup in January next year.

[Klinsmann/National Football Team Coach: The Asian Cup is a test. Fans, media and teams all need to think positively. If things don’t work out, there’s plenty of time to criticize the coaching staff, whether it’s firing them or doing something else.]

Klinsmann, who is preparing for the international match next month, will visit the K-League site for the first time in a long time this weekend.

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