Kiwoom the last professional team in Puig? No news of reduction, active retirement crisis

Yasiel Puig (33), who spent a year with the big goal of recovering and returning to the major leagues, is at the crossroads of retirement. The legal issue is still unresolved, and the eyes of the clubs, which have already withered, are getting colder. There is a concern that if it is done wrong, it may be forgotten as it is.

Puig is currently battling it out in court. It is a problem related to illegal sports betting that occurred in 2019. Puig is accused of perjury by investigators, and is said to have initially admitted to it. However, Puig’s agents are trying to overturn it by citing various legal grounds. The main point is that Puig did not fully understand the situation at the time, and that the testimony so far is ineffective, such as not receiving legal consideration at the time of the investigation.

Originally, I thought the outline would be revealed by the end of last year, but the conclusion continues to be delayed amid the strategies of legal representatives. If Puig’s charges are confirmed, a wrongdoing could lead to prison terms. Even if you don’t go to prison, if even part of the charges are revealed, an investigation can be entered at the level of the Major League Secretariat. Illegal sports betting is also an important issue in the MLB Secretariat.

Puig is showing his will to attend the winter meeting held in December, but he has not signed a contract until now, a month later. It is also difficult to find local press reports. In other words, it is a complete exterior. The club is also difficult to move. Because the legal problems are not over. If he makes a contract for nothing and is found guilty in court, it will be a waste. Now, having a contract is an even weirder step.

Puig, once the hottest player in major leagues, has been on an ongoing downhill. His major league career ended in 2019. In 2020, the opportunity given to Corona 19 was also blown away. After that, he toured the Mexican League and the Dominican Winter League. In 2022, he crossed the Pacific Ocean with the dream of a comeback. He signed a contract with Kiwoom and had the ambition to return to the major leagues by performing well in the KBO League. 스포츠토토

He was sluggish at the beginning of the season, but was one of the top hitters in the second half when he was warmed up. In 56 games in the second half, he played with a batting average of 0.316, 12 homers and 36 RBIs, and showed off a powerful bat in the postseason. Kiwoom also thought about renewing the contract. It seemed that Puig was going to be the top. However, with the events of 2019, the situation has completely changed. Kiwoom gave up on renewing his contract, and Puig became lost again.

It seems that he can continue his active duty once the legal issues are cleared of all charges. You never know when it will end. Even under normal circumstances, his return to the major leagues was uncertain, and under these circumstances, it is difficult to even dream of returning to the major leagues. The same goes for Korean and Japanese clubs. Almost all contracts for foreign players are already over.

You can turn your eyes to Mexico or other leagues, but it’s burdensome to sign Puig, whose teams are also ‘suspected’. Then, if a conviction comes out, Puig’s last active team could really be Kiwoom. Attention is focusing on what scenarios await in 2023 for Bronco.

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