‘K-League representative face’ Jeju Koo Ja-cheol’s commentary – Ssangyong – juniors

“Please do a lot of interviews with our juniors.”

These were the first words from Ja-cheol Koo (34), the “mental supporter” of Jeju United. Koo Ja-cheol is currently preparing for the new season in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is the first K-League off-season preparation in 12 years. He laughed, saying, “I’m putting a lot of effort into lifting my body after coming to winter training. Of course, the amount of training is more than during the season. In that respect, I’m spending each day concentrating on reducing the risk of injury.”

Koo Ja-cheol is a player who needs no explanation. He is a midfielder representing South Korea. He led Korea with the captain’s armband at the 2009 U-20 World Cup, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the 2012 London Olympics, and the 2014 Brazil World Cup. His existence alone is the reason why his juniors feel reassured.

Koo Ja-cheol is also taking good care of his juniors. Throughout his interview, he mentioned and praised his juniors one by one. In fact, it was for the sake of his juniors that he was entrusted with commentating for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. He said, “I think the reason why I came to commentary is important. I had my own conviction that if the players received support from the outside, they would definitely be able to play the World Cup with a comfortable mind. I decided to do it together on the field. I had a desire to comment in a more trendy way. I started with that meaning.”

He said, “I thought it would be nice if the players didn’t have too much pressure and received support. If the World Cups I played in started at a minus point, I wanted them to start at least at the starting point. I played for the national team. That’s why I talk a lot about my juniors.”

It was a commentary that I started to give ‘ki’ to my juniors, but I saw and learned more for the Koo Ja Railway World Cup commentary. He said, “The Korean game was a situation where I could do it through my experience. For other games, I had to study a little more and use the data. Because I played those two (styles) games, I learned a lot while working as a commentator. People who watch I thought it would be nice if I could understand this football a little more in my own way.” 토토사이트

Now, he has returned to his main job, a soccer player. Expectations are high for the new season. He said, “I have the confidence and certainty that I can help the team within the given time. I think that showing a sense of responsibility as much as I have to do is a way to show the reputation and pride I have built up so far. I have a chance to go to the stadium this year. Because there are people who wait for me and look forward to me when I win. My greatest dream and goal is to play happy soccer and to play the whole season as a person and as a member to show the image of Jeju Island playing happy soccer. He is a little more sincere, precious, and serious than the players. There is a reason,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

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