Jemulpo High School Yoo Yun-sang’s chosen managing director, ‘Long-legged Mister?’

 The senior that Jemulpo High School Yoo Yoon-sang (187, G F) wanted to see the most was Lee Yoon-gi.

Jemulpogo received a talent donation program as a gift from the Sangmu Basketball Team (hereinafter referred to as Sangmu) of the Armed Forces Sports Unit at the Jemulpogo Gymnasium on the 18th. There are not many opportunities for amateur players and professional players to play basketball face-to-face. For the Jemulpogo players, the talent donation program became a meaningful experience and a memory that will remain forever.

Sangmu divided them into fields and taught juniors various skills such as dribbling, one-on-one, two-on-two, and post-up. After the teaching session, they also had time to communicate through practice matches.

Yoo Yun-sang of Jemulpo High School said, “This opportunity itself is great, but it is really meaningful that I learned basketball from senior Lee Yoon-gi and Yoo Hyun-jun. He taught me good techniques and gave me mental advice,” he said.

When asked what kind of advice he gave, Yoo Yoon-sang said, “(Lee) Yoon-gi told me to look under myself and play with confidence. These words touched his heart. Senior Heo Hoon also kept telling me to do it with confidence.”

For Yoo Yun-sang, one-on-one training is the most memorable among training in various fields. It was especially helpful to learn about movement without the ball.스포츠토토

Several players were together, but among them, Yoon-sang Yoo missed Lee Yoon-gi the most. Yoo Yoon-sang said, “(Lee Yoon-ki) was a graduate of the school, and he came to school a lot before enlisting. When he came, he always taught me the technique and gave me basketball shoes. He even ordered chicken or pizza at night. There are many other eminent and famous seniors, but I wanted to see senior Yoongi the most,” he added.

Yoo Yun-sang expressed his aspirations, saying, “I didn’t get good grades in the first half, but in the second half, I want to get better grades in competitions such as the Classification Competition or King of Kings by focusing more on the organizational part and go to university.”

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