Japanese coach Moriyasu “Is Mitoma good? Should I use him as a starter?” european check

 While Japanese coach Hajime Moriyasu is inspecting Japanese players active in Europe, he expressed his intention to consider Kaoru Mitoma’s performance as a starter.

Brighton drew 1-1 in the 2022/23 season Premier League Round 23 Premier League Round 7 held at Selhurst Park in London, England on the 12th (Korean time). 

Mitoma, who took a place in the Brighton attack and started the game that day, did not record an attack point, but he played an active role on both sides of the offense and defense, recording 3 dribble breakthroughs, 1 effective shot, and a 70% ball contention success rate.

Mitoma scored in three consecutive official matches right before the match against Crystal Palace, and has been one of the best players in the Premier League with five goals and one assist in the last eight matches. 

In the midst of this, coach Moriyasu also conveyed his remarks through Japanese media, implying that Mitoma could become a starting player in the Japanese national team thanks to his performance in the Premier League. 

Japanese media Nikkan Sports recently reported an interview with coach Hajime Moriyasu, saying, “Coach Moriyasu praised Mitoma for his ability to play as a starter.”

Coach Moriyasu first praised Mitoma’s fantastic goal against Liverpool in the fourth round of the FA Cup on the 29th, saying, “It was a great goal.” 

At that time, Mitoma trapped the ball in the air from a free kick situation at the end of the game and shot it accurately over Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson’s head, and Brighton won with Mitoma’s winning goal.

Coach Moriyasu continued to admire Mitoma’s performance, saying, “The ability to score and create opportunities is also improving. He is growing to be able to contribute strongly in defense.” 안전놀이터 

“I think I have enough skills to be a starter and I’m watching. I hope there will be two or three players like Mitoma,” he said, admitting that he sees Mitoma’s appointment and level high in the national team. 

At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar last year, coach Moriyasu only appointed Mitoma, who was delayed joining the national team due to a high fever right before the opening, only as a replacement. Mitoma appeared as a substitute in all four matches Japan played, and despite his short playing time, he showed excellent performance. 

In particular, during the 3rd match of the group stage, he kicked the ball right before it crossed the goal line against Spain, and this ball created a ‘1mm miracle’ that led to the winning goal, greatly contributing to Japan’s progress to the round of 16. 

With coach Moriyasu, who succeeded in renewing the contract after the last World Cup in Qatar and will lead the Japanese national team until 2026, ahead of dominating Kirin Cellin, the first international friendly match after the World Cup in March, Mitoma may become a key player for the next World Cup. It is expected to show up in the game. 

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