Ikbairi ‘Football talent that makes soccer players cry’ Spicy hand taste is ‘Triple Crown’

Samsung Fire & Marine Ikbairi is a volleyball player who is also good at soccer. Ik Bai-iri, who has loved soccer since childhood, not only handles the ball well with his hands, but also has a high level of trapping skills using the instep and chest.

Arriving at the Jangchung Gymnasium ahead of the Woori Card Match on the 4th, Ikbairi started warming up with soccer practice. He received the ball passed by his teammate with his chest and even performed a high-level technique that led to instep trapping.

His teammates couldn’t take their eyes off him as he freely changed his direction and dribbled.

Ikbairi, who showed lighter footwork than ever, showed a spicy touch in the game.

Ik Bairi took the lead in a 3-0 win, recording his personal third triple crown with 9 back attacks, 4 serves and 3 blocks. 온라인바카라

Ikbairi has been showing a good flow since the All-Star Game. In the All-Star game held on the 29th, he recorded 117 km per hour and climbed to the spike serve.

He was selected as the first overall pick in the foreign player draft this season, but he was not able to show his skills.

His team’s performance was also at the bottom, so he was more oblivious.

The All-Star Game became an opportunity for Ikbairi to change the atmosphere.

That spirit carried over into today’s game as well.

Like a ‘serving king’, Ikbairi’s bullet-like serve neutralized Woori Card’s receive.

After the game, Ikbairi said, “Thanks to winning the All-Star Serve King, I gained confidence, and this led to a good serve.” revealed

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance could not get out of the lowest place (7 wins, 18 losses, 22 points) even with the victory that day, but Ikbairi’s performance is giving joy to the fans. /2023.02.03/

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