If Greenwood leaves, ‘No. 11’ vacancy → ‘100 million euro man’ is a candidate

Anthony can play with number 11 next season.

The number 11 at Manchester United now belongs to Mason Greenwood. His quick and reckless speed and aggressive appearance go well with the number 11. However, since January of last year, Greenwood has not been seen running with ’11’.

This is because he was sentenced to suspension of qualifications for an unsavory incident. In January of last year, Harriet Robson, Greenwood’s girlfriend, posted evidence on her own social media account that she was coerced into having sex with her by Greenwood and assaulted. A police investigation followed, and Greenwood was arrested on charges of sexual assault and assault. Since then, all sponsors and officials related to Greenwood have come to ‘stop loss’. Manchester United also dropped Greenwood from their squad.

However, the return process is currently underway. Because Greenwood is cleared of all criminal charges. British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ and other local media reported that the charges against Greenwood for attempted sex crimes and assault were withdrawn. Since then, Greenwood has expressed a desire to return to Manchester United and has had talks with the club.스포츠토토

But returning is not easy. Fans are arguing about his return, and the team is not responding positively either. The United women’s team expressed their objection several times, saying that they could not be on the same team as Greenwood. The British media’Express’ also nailed it on the 10th (Korean time), saying, “Man United has no intention of returning Greenwood.”

If his return doesn’t happen, ‘Number 11’ next season will continue to be vacant. As a result, the possibility that the owner of number 11 next season will change has been raised. ‘Express’ has revealed that they could take the number 11 if Harry Kane and Victor Osimen join them.

However, there were other realistic candidates. The main character is Antony. New to the club this season, he currently wears the number 21 shirt. However, Anthony is familiar with the number 11, having worn the number 11 while playing for Sao Paulo and Ajax. ‘Express’ also said, “There is a chance that Anthony will wear the number 11. He needs something to motivate him. This season, Anthony has been a bit lackluster, but giving him the number 11 can catalyze his rise.” told

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