“I want to go to Inter!”… Why Inter hierarchy, players and fans are ‘outraged’

A striker expresses his desire to join Inter Milan. Now the Inter Milan hierarchy, players and fans are furious. 카지노 What happened.

Because the striker who wants to move to Inter Milan is the controversial striker Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea). The controversial striker has stirred up controversy again.

Lukaku wants to end his loan at Inter Milan and return to his original club, Chelsea. However, Lukaku doesn”t want to return to Chelsea. He has consistently expressed his desire to stay at Inter Milan. He emphasised that the Nerazzurri are the only team he wants to play for.

Inter Milan fans believed Lukaku’s sincerity and supported him, especially after he helped the Nerazzurri reach the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final last season.

Then came a shocking twist. Chelsea held talks with Inter Milan over a permanent move for Lukaku, but failed to agree on a transfer fee.

Juventus stepped in and tried to get Lukaku on better terms, reportedly outbidding Inter for not only the transfer fee but also Lukaku’s salary. Lukaku then expressed his desire to join Juventus. It turns out that Lukaku really wanted to join Juventus, not Inter Milan.

Inter Milan’s hierarchy, players, and fans were furious when this was discovered, especially when they realised that Lukaku wanted to join their biggest rivals in the league. Inter Milan abandoned their pursuit of Lukaku. Feeling betrayed, Inter fans labelled Lukaku a “traitor” to the club.

But when negotiations with Juventus failed, Lukaku turned his attention back to Inter. But the bus had already left the station.

According to Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, “Lukaku is trying to improve his relationship with Inter Milan. Lukaku has angered Inter Milan officials and fans by attempting a move to Juventus, but his agent has expressed a desire to return to the negotiating table with the Nerazzurri,” the newspaper reported.

“Lukaku has apologised to Inter Milan players for the recent events at Juventus and asked for their forgiveness. But the response has been cold. The Nerazzurri hierarchy, players and fans alike are still furious.”

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