“I played baseball really happily” LG’s treasure that returned to Little Baseball

 “I was really happy playing baseball then.”

LG Moon Bo-kyung recalled memories of his little baseball days. He hoped that children who started playing baseball would hit, throw, and run happily, just as he did when he was happy.

On the 6th, Moon Bo-kyung had a time to donate his talents by meeting juniors from Dongdaemun-gu Little Baseball Team. Moon Bo-kyung started his baseball career with the Dongdaemun-gu Little Baseball Team, not his elementary school team. Director Park Jong-wook, whom Moon met here, is a leader that Moon Bo-kyung still regards as a gift. In order to return the affection he had received to his juniors, he made time while he was busy preparing for spring camp. 메이저사이트

On the 8th, Moon Bo-gyeong said, “(Dongdaemun-gu Little Baseball Team) is where I played baseball in elementary school and where I went through before becoming a professional baseball player. When I was young, I played baseball happily and happily under coach Park Jong-wook. I had a good time with my juniors.” .

She became a professional player and member of society wearing an LG uniform in 2019, but this is the first time she has stood in front of her juniors like this. Moon Bo-kyung said, “Last year, the awareness wasn’t that high… This year, my grades were good. Rather than saying that I was qualified (to donate talent) because I had good grades, I wanted to give back as much as I received from coach Jong-wook Park, who helped me to do so well. I decided to donate my talents,” he said.

When asked how he felt after spending the day with the children’s players, Bokyung Moon said, “It was fun because it was my first time. It was amazing and meaningful because the children recognized me.”

What Moon Bo-kyung, a baseball senior, emphasized was happiness rather than technology. He said, “I told you about the things I’ve been through so far. Coach Park Jong-wook emphasized fun and happy baseball. I also played baseball happily at that time, and thanks to that I was able to become a good player.” It’s not easy. But whenever it’s difficult, I try to put down (greed) by reflecting on it.”

Moon Bo-kyung said, “It was difficult to give advice, if not to teach. I was cautious. I came to respect the coaches and coaches more.”

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