“I just turned it, but it seems to have been hit by a bat”…’Kwak Bin Attack’ Moon Bo-gyeong’s decisive double

 LG Moon Bo-gyeong contributed to the victory with a double that scored a wedge. 

In the match against Doosan held at Jamsil Stadium on the 15th, Moon Bo-kyung started as a third baseman in the fifth. The pitching battle between the starters of both teams, Plutko (LG) and Gwak Bin (Doosan), continued until the 5th inning. 

It was the 6th win. LG took a chance for 1st and 3rd base with Kim Hyun-soo’s right-handed hit from 1st base. Austin hit Kwak Bin’s first pitch and scored the first run with a sacrifice fly to right field. Moon Bo-gyeong also hit Kwak Bin’s 147km fastball, passed the center fielder, and hit a long hit that hit the fence with a one-bound. 

The runner on first base ran all the way home, and the home throw from center fielder, second baseman, and catcher fell behind the catcher, and Moon Bo-kyung, who ran to third base, dug all the way to home and scored. They ran away 3-0 and drove a wedge. 스포츠토토

After the game, Moon Bo-kyung attacked Kwak Bin’s first pitch, and when asked what strategy he had, he said, “I think I was just trying to run it.” hit with the thought He just threw a similar ball, and he seems to have come to the bat and hit it,” he said with a laugh.

Kwak Bin struggled with no runs until the 5th inning, but was shaken in the 6th. Did you feel a little different from the previous at-bat and the 6th at-bat? Moon Bo-gyeong smiled and said, “I don’t know because I didn’t look at the ball and turned it around.”

Then, he explained, “In the previous at-bat, (swing) was a little late, and since my hitting point was a bit behind, in the 6th inning, even if I just missed it, I thought I was swinging in front and just turned it as soon as I threw it.”

After hitting a double, he boldly ran to third base, and even scored a run as the home throw was missed. Moon Bo-gyeong said, “I thought that Hyun-soo hyung going into the home was the first priority. Even if I got caught in the rundown and died, 1 point would be very large, so I ran with the thought that I would be caught at first. The relay play was made at home, and after confirming that I was missing, I played because I wanted to play at home even if I just died.”

The hitting is good at the beginning of the season, and there are often relaxed plays in defense. When asked about his confidence, Moon Bo-kyung said, “I don’t feel very nervous, and when I play at Jamsil Stadium, I feel really comfortable. I trained a lot here, and psychologically I think Jamsil is the most comfortable.”

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