“I have never abandoned a person” Another miracle created by Yashin’s philosophy “I was in a situation where I would abandon my dream…”

Director Kim Seong-geun, who appeared in the 180th episode of ‘Isn’t God? replied to this

“Originally, a leader must be heartless. Being heartless means being affectionate. Being interested means being heartless. If not, you can just throw it away. I have the idea that you should never abandon people. I have never scolded a player during a match. “I might be satisfied, but it’s because I’m leaving one person behind. Then it’s a minus as an organization. Rather than scolding me, I have to practice and make it possible.”

During the active command tower, he was the protagonist of conflicting evaluations.

He was obsessed with winning, so there was a negative evaluation that he ruined players by overexerting them. On the other hand, positive evaluations coexisted as a leader who maximizes the potential of players by pushing them to the limit. At least, the players who experienced ‘extreme level’ and ‘best performance’ under coach Kim praise him. It is because he is a benefactor who has transformed the sense of shame of being a mediocre player who has never been hot and had a hard time kicking briquettes carelessly into pride that ‘I can become the best’.

Another miracle of ‘Yasin’ was born. The main character is Park Chan-hee (22), the hostess of ‘strongest baseball’ from Paju Challengers in the independent league.

He wore an NC Dinos uniform on the edge of a cliff. A professional stage that was like a dream. He almost gave up on that cherished dream.

I met ‘The Strongest Baseball’ and brought it back to life, and I realized my dream of becoming a professional player. On the 18th, Park Chan-hee joined the Masan C Team (Second Army) spring camp after signing a contract with the NC Dinos as a training player.

Through an official interview with the club, Park Chan-hee expressed his gratitude and overwhelming emotion for manager Kim Seong-geun.

He said, “In a situation where I was able to give up my dream of becoming a baseball player, I came to this opportunity by appearing on a program like a gift. I really want to say thank you to coach Seong-geun Kim and my seniors.”

Park Chan-hee said, “When I first received the call, the Paju Challengers team was in Jeju Island for field training, and I was so surprised. expressed 토토사이트

After graduating from Cheongwon High School-Inha University, he joined the Paju Challengers without being nominated in the 2023 rookie draft. When the dream of becoming a pro was fading away, meeting ‘strongest baseball’ and coach Kim Seong-geun was the turning point of baseball life.

After receiving special batting training from manager Kim Seong-geun, he hit a home run and showed potential by playing an active role as the main catcher. A long-lasting catcher who is constantly growing on both offense and defense. Joining NC is a miraculous start.

Park Chan-hee said, “I am well aware of my position. I joined the team after graduating from college and found it difficult, so I want to show my best in a short time. I want to refine my skills and play a seasoned and relaxed game. Defensively. I want to show a better side of myself.” He continued, “I want to become a player who fans are more curious about the future. I want to become a player who continues to be expected in the future. I will work hard as much as I got a difficult opportunity.”

Finally, he concluded the interview by saying, “I will do my best to show my proud son to my mother, who was more than happy and shed tears.”

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