Hyundai Mobis, who missed second place alone, lost complacency

“I think I was not calm and thought I was complacent.”

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis lost 68-78 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Seoul Samsung home game held at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 19th. Hyundai Mobis, who lost on the day, recorded 13 wins and 9 losses, tied for second place with Changwon LG.

Hyundai Mobis led 24-20 in the first quarter, but was reversed by 39-42 at the end of the second quarter. Hyundai Mobis, which lost its leadership, could hardly regain its momentum. In the 4th quarter, starting with Seo Myung-jin’s 3-point shot, Hyundai Mobis gradually narrowed the score to 68-69, but after being beaten by Lee Jung-hyun’s 3-point shot, they no longer had the power to pursue.

Hyundai Mobis coach Cho Dong-hyun said after the defeat that day, “The players were pushed around in terms of tactics and activity. I wonder if I couldn’t be cool and thought I was complacent,” he said. There were more invisible mistakes than Lee Jung-hyun’s defense. He told me not to foul giving free throws, but it came out. That doesn’t happen when the game is going well,” he said, looking back on the game that day.

Overall, the accuracy of both field shots and free throws was not high. That’s why I couldn’t even raise 70 points.

Manager Cho Dong-hyun said, “I don’t want to talk much about shooting (to the players). (The fact that the shot doesn’t go in) could be a matter of mind or a matter of confidence. A player should raise the field goal,” he said. “I want basketball to take a lot of shot attempts, so I want to throw shots with confidence. Of course, there are times when concentration is required.” 토토사이트

Unlike the first half, one of the losses was that he often lost offensive rebounds in the second half.

Manager Cho Dong-hyun said, “I always emphasize (rebound). The players will know better. No matter how Samsung is, any team will have a tough game if the basics are not good. Sometimes the shot goes in and sometimes it doesn’t, but the team that works hard in terms of activity wins. A few shots go in and a few wins come out. “I was not comfortable with that,” he said. “Rebounding is a matter of will. The fact that only Prim has to catch rebounds is not the only thing that is difficult, and boxing out is not a matter of height. It is a matter of attitude and mindset.”

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