‘Hug instead of retaliation’ Big man Walker laughs and high-fives Vinicius with sandpaper

After the final whistle blew, Manchester City defender Kyle Walker approached Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid). A situation in which a collision was expected. But Walker opened his arms and gave Vinicius a high five.

Walker and Vinicius competed in good faith. On the 10th (Korean time), the first leg of the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League in the 2022-23 season held at the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain. Walker, a side defender, and Vinicius, a wing forward, were in constant conflict.

The advantages of each other collided. Walker followed Vinicius, who had good feet, with his speed and strength. Vinicius attacked Walker, who was defending like a gentleman, with his unique skill. If I had to decide whether the two won or lost, Vinicius would win by decision.

Vinicius scored a valuable opening goal with a right-footed shot from a long distance in the center of the opponent’s half in the 35th minute when Real Madrid were crouching. As soon as the marksman was shaken off, he showed off his shooting accuracy by pinning it into the corner of the goal.

Walker wasn’t pushed too far either. In one-on-one situations with Vinicius, he rarely gave up space from the side. Even if Vinicius beat him with technique, there were often pictures of Walker blocking it with speed.

There is another scene where the matchup between the two drew attention. Vinicius tried a rainbow flick (a technique of kicking the ball with his back foot and passing it over the opponent’s head), so-called ‘sappo’, with Walker in front. This is a breakthrough method often used by Brazilian players, including Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain).토스카지노

Instead, they should be prepared to retaliate. Because the technology is flashy, the opponent judges that it is being made fun of. Neymar also suffered severe fouls whenever he used sandpaper. He was also criticized for causing excessive nerve warfare and injury.

Walker was different. His feelings must have been hurt, but after the game, he greeted Vinicius with open arms with a bright face. Rather than being angry at the sandpaper technique, the joy of meeting a suitable opponent seemed greater. Vinicius also showed respect by hugging Walker’s broad smile.

Uefa took an intriguing look at the Champions League account, posting a picture of Vinicius using the rainbow flick. Brazilian media ‘Globo’ interpreted, “Walker and Vinicius showed respect and affection with a hug after the duel on the ground.” Fans also applauded, “This is football,” sharing pictures of hugs on social media.

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