‘Hope for $5.4 million’ Choi Ji-man, salary adjustment announcement imminent… Will Pittsburgh win?

Reporter Lee Sang-cheol = The ransom for the 2023 season of Choi Ji-man (32), who failed to reach a contract agreement with the Pittsburgh Pirates and went through the salary adjustment process, will be announced soon.

The Major League Salary Adjustment Committee held a hearing on the salary adjustment between Choi Ji-man and Pittsburgh in Florida on the 17th (Korean time), and the final adjustment plan is about to be announced. The Associated Press said, “Three coordinators are expected to decide Choi Ji-man’s salary for the 2023 season on the 17th local time.”

Choi Ji-man, who was traded from the Tampa Bay Rays to Pittsburgh after the end of last year’s season, could not sign a contract until January 14th, when the deadline for the adjustment of the series was reached.

Choi Ji-man asked for 5.4 million dollars, while Pittsburgh offered 4.65 million dollars, and negotiations broke down with a difference of 750,000 dollars. Choi Ji-man was the only non-contractor among the Pittsburgh players subject to salary adjustment.

It was possible to negotiate for a month until the salary adjustment hearing, but Choi Ji-man and Pittsburgh ran parallel and could not reach an agreement in the end.

On this day, Choi Ji-man and Pittsburgh’s salary adjustment hearing was held, and the winner is expected to be determined a day later.

According to the annual salary adjustment procedure, Choi Ji-man’s annual salary for the 2023 season is decided between $5.4 million and $4.65 million. At the hearing, the three salary adjustment committee members who listened to the arguments and refutations of both sides chose one of the salaries offered by Choi Ji-man and the Pittsburgh club.

Currently, the overall salary adjustment flow is going in a direction that is more favorable to the club than to the player. In a total of 12 cases where the result of the salary adjustment was confirmed, the player’s victory was 5 times and the club’s victory was 7 times.

Miami Marlins infielders Luis Araez ($6.1 million) and pitcher Jesús Luzardo ($2.45 million); Tampa Bay Rays pitchers Jason Adam ($1.7775 million) and Harold Ramirez ($2.2 million); Los Angeles Angels infielder Luis Five people, including Renhipo ($2.3 million), won against the club.

On the other hand, Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Corbin Burns ($10.1 million), who won the National League Cy Young Award last year, outfielder Kyle Tucker ($5 million), who helped the Houston Astros win the World Series, and Atlanta Braves pitcher Max Fried ($13.5 million), Seattle Mariners pitcher Diego Castillo ($2.95 million) and Kansas City Royals pitcher Brad Singer ($2.95 million) were defeated by the club and did not receive their hopes. 토토사이트

Still, it is positive that the Salary Adjustment Committee is not unilaterally giving the club a hand, and Choi Ji-man also has the experience of winning the Salary Adjustment Committee two years ago.

Choi Ji-man hoped for $2.45 million in annual salary for the 2021 season, but Tampa Bay, the club he belonged to at the time, confronted him by saying he would pay $1.85 million. Eventually, after going through the salary adjustment process, Choi Ji-man received an annual salary of $2.45 million. In the 2022 season, he received $3.2 million without salary adjustments with Tampa Bay.

In addition to Choi Ji-man, Angels infielder Gio Ursela and outfielder Hunter Renfro, and Tampa Bay pitchers Colin Fauche and Ryan Thompson are awaiting the results after the salary adjustment hearing.

Seattle outfielder Teosca Hernandez and St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Genesis Cabrera are set to appear for final salary adjustment hearings.

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