Heo Seok learns the ‘swing swing method’ that increases the flight distance without exerting effort

In the video uploaded to Pro Heo Seok TV on the 13th, Heo Seok teaches golfers how to swing the swing to golfers who are worried about short distances.

On this day, Heo Seok showed off his own swing swing and emphasized, “The most important point in swing swing is ‘relaxing the left arm’.” It means that the power entering the left arm during impact is kept below 10%, and when speeding up with only the weight of the club and hand, it is possible to increase the distance without exerting force. 스포츠토토

At first, Heo Seok only used his left arm to speed, but he gradually began to use his right foot and right hand together to increase his swing speed. In the swing motion, if you push your right foot to the left in line with the point where your left arm drops in the direction of the ground, your weight is put on and acceleration is attached. After practicing this several times and getting a feel for it, if you straighten out your right elbow, which was bent at the same point, the weight of your right arm will also be added to the swing and speed will increase.

Heo Seok said, “When you first learn swing swing, you should practice with the feeling of learning ‘how to release power’ rather than thinking of speeding up right away.” do,” he said. Then, he advised, “Once your posture becomes quite natural, hold the pole straight and practice impact.”

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