He couldn’t go because he refused… Zaniolo prepares to ‘sue’ Rome

Nicolo Zaniolo’s family is preparing to sue AS Roma.

He is an Italian midfielder. Despite his height of over 190 cm, he displays his speed and reckless moves. He can cover all areas of midfield, can be used as both a playmaker and a cracker due to his good footwork, and has a good tactical understanding.

He has cemented his place at Roma as a disciple of manager Jose Mourinho. He suffered two long-term injuries, but he overcame them all and emerged as the ‘core’ of Rome. Even at the young age of 23, he is considered one of the top players in the league and is regarded as Italy’s future. This season, he has been consistently given opportunities to play in 17 matches, including cup competitions.

Rumors of a transfer have been circulating since last summer. At the time, Tottenham Hotspur showed an active interest and promoted the recruitment. However, Roma’s stance was adamant and Zaniolo remained with the team. The winter transfer market welcomed like that. Transfer rumors surfaced once again. Again, Tottenham emerged as a candidate, but there was a more active team. The main characters were Bournemouth and Leeds United.

In particular, Bournemouth was the most active. Roma also agreed to the sale, and the two clubs quickly reached an agreement. But Zaniolo didn’t want to. Roma’s sporting director Pinto said: “Zaniolo wants to leave. We have reached an agreement with Bournemouth, but the player has rejected the move.” He insisted that he could not go from Italy’s upper-middle to the English relegation zone. 카지노

At the end of the transfer window, Zaniolo decided to leave. He decided to head to Bournemouth, which showed interest in him. But he was too late. Italy’s Gianluca Di Marzio said: “Gianniolo has changed his mind and decided to accept the offer from Bournemouth. Unfortunately, Bournemouth have decided to go ahead with the deal.”

So Zaniolo remained in Rome. However, the relationship between the two was not as good as before. According to British media ‘The Sun’, Zaniolo’s family has been disappointed with the club’s behavior towards the player in recent weeks and is said to be preparing to sue.

‘The Sun’ cited ‘Il Mesa Zero’, a local newspaper in Rome. The media said, “Zaniolo’s family contacted a lawyer to take legal action against Rome. His family claimed that their son was under great psychological pressure and was bullied. He was also threatened with his life, and his mother also received primary criticism. said that they became the target of He added that the Italian Footballers’ Association had also received the same news.

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