Goyang Carrot’s ‘Inspiring Basketball’… Fighting spirit thrown away

Goyang Carrot’s ‘Emotional Basketball’ ended in the semifinals. A few months’ worth of salary is behind and the club’s name is now changed, but the players gave everything to the end amidst the support of the fans.

This is reporter Choi Ha-eun.


< Goyang Carrot 61:89 Anyang KGC | Professional Basketball Semifinals PO Game 4 (Yesterday) >

Ginseng Corporation overpowered the team by more than 30 points at one point, but after the game, the loser Carrot received a standing ovation.스포츠토토

Carrot’s first spring basketball, which just came down in the semifinals with 1 win and 3 losses, fans comforted the players who fought to the end.

[Thanks for your efforts. Thank you for your hard work!]

Carrot’s playoff stage, barely paying the membership fee for the federation, was filled with earnestness.

With one more run and a fighting spirit, the 6th round overturned the game at the end of the 5th game.

In the first game of the semifinals, even after losing by 56 points, the most ever, they did not collapse and won one win.

Jeon Seong-hyun, who led the league in 5th place, shot a 3-point shot while suffering sudden hearing loss, and

second-year guard Lee Jung-hyun also wrapped the taping around and held the center of the team.

Fans even sent boxed lunches to cheer on this fighting spirit.

[Lee Jung-hyun/Goyang Carrot: I think it was the power that I was able to run hard to the end. I didn’t want to run because I couldn’t run because it was difficult or because I was sick.]

Carrot, the cat who made a sensation with his ‘archery basketball’ that shoots a lot of 3-point shots.

In just one season, the club will have to find a new name as well as a new owner.

With several months’ worth of salaries still behind, the manager wants only one thing.

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