‘Gold medal helper’ Gurriel prospects to stay in Houston or move to Minnesota

Cuban hitter Yuli Gurriel (39), who is well-known to domestic baseball fans, is contemplating between remaining and transferring. 

MLB.com paid attention to the move of free agent (FA) Gurriel. According to MLB Network John Heyman, Gurriel, who was likely to transfer to the Miami Marlins, is more likely to go to Houston or the Minnesota Twins in the American League Central District, where he has played for the past 7 years (2016-2022). 

The Marlins recently traded second starter Pablo Lopez to Minnesota for Luis Araez, who has good batting ability. According to the Miami Herald, the Miami team slowed down their offensive moves after the negotiations. It means that there was an idea to recruit Gurriel as well, but he put it on hold.  온라인바카라

The Twins’ first baseman is vacant after Araez’s transfer. It is known that prospect Jose Miranda is more desirable to use as a third baseman or designated hitter. Houston signed first baseman resource Jose Abreu. He also re-signed with veteran Michael Brantley to fill the designated hitter spot. It seemed that there would be no place for Gurriel. 

However, Houston is considering going with Gurriel. He only had a batting average of 0.242 in the 2022 season, but he is a hitter with a career batting average of 0.284. He recorded his batting average of 0.319 in the 2021 season, and even ranked first in the American League (AL) batting division. It is not yet the time to conclude that it is an aging curve.  

In the baseball final of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Gurriel entered the plate as Cuba’s batsman in the 9th inning with one out and bases loaded with Korea leading 3-2, but hit pitcher Jung Dae-hyun with a double stroke. 

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