‘GOAT’ Messi’s special morning greeting, ‘Wake up with the World Cup trophy’

The true ‘GOAT’ Lionel Messi sent a special morning greeting to the fans.

Messi’s Argentina won the championship after 36 years after winning the victory over France after a penalty shootout in the 2022 Qatar World Cup final held at Lusail Stadium in Qatar at 0:00 am (Korean time) on the 19th. Messi started as a starter, scored multiple goals, and won the championship he dreamed of, marking the peak of his career. 토토사이트

Messi couldn’t contain his joy. Right after winning the championship, he walked through the mixed zone with the trophy, and even one of his slippers was missing. There was a crazy party in the locker room and a car parade in Qatar.

Messi, who lifted the World Cup trophy he wanted more than the league, the UEFA Champions League, and the trophy was with him even when he slept. On his 20th, Messi posted a picture of himself waking up with his World Cup trophy on his Instagram account and greeted his fans in the morning.

Colleagues who ate together, such as Paulo Dybala and Luis Suarez, responded with “Good morning captain” and “It’s a beautiful morning” and chimed in.

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