‘Generation change’ Chelsea freshmen’s unanimity “I was attracted to the project”

Reporter Park Moon-soo = The most active club this winter would be Chelsea of ​​the Premier League.

Chelsea have signed a seventh player. The main character is Lyon’s French fullback Gusteau. Born in 2003, Gusto officially signed with Chelsea on the 29th (local time). The contract period is until June 2030.

After becoming an official Chelsea player, Gusteau appeared on the club’s channels. With his short English greeting, he continued introducing himself, saying, “(I am) a fast player. I enjoy crosses. I am box-to-box.”

In the process, he added, “Chelsea is a big club. And I like the club’s project. That’s why I chose Chelsea.”

Although he has become an official Chelsea player, Gusteau is expected to play for his original team, Olympique Lyonnais, until this season. In the new season, he is expected to be used as a rotational resource for Reese James.

Gusto, born in 2003, plays right fullback as his main position. He can also be used as a wingback. As the player himself introduced, it was fast. And the sharp cross stands out. It was through his Lyon youth team that he made his professional debut. He is also active in the national team for each age group in France, and his stock is on the rise.

Chelsea have already signed seven players in the transfer window this winter alone. They have one thing in common. He said, ‘I liked the project of the team’ about the reason for Chelsea transfer, led by Mudric. 메이저놀이터

Except for Felix, who is on loan, all six new students are young. All of them were born in 2001 or younger. 22-year-old Ukrainian star Mudrikh is the oldest of the recruits.

The positions are also different. Mudrik and Maduke joined the attacking line. Both players are in charge of the left and right wings, respectively. Among them, Maduke is 20 years old. David Popana and João Felix joined as central strikers. Popana is also 20 years old. In the case of Felix, born in 1999, as mentioned earlier, he will return to Atletico after the season.

Badiasil, a 20-year-old promising player, joined the defense. The aforementioned 19-year-old Gusto also moved to Chelsea. In addition, Brazilian promising Andriy Santos will join the central midfield line. Santos is 18 years old. Goalkeeper Gabriel Slonina is also worth noting. Slonina, from Chicago Fire, is also 18 years old.

Leipzig’s French striker Nkunku is also set to join Chelsea next season. With the arrival of the new owner, Chelsea embarked on an overall squad reshuffle. I planned a new project centering on younger players than before, and I am preparing for the future, not right now.

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